You’re a condominium manager ?

Your goals as a condominium property manager are, firstly, to ensure good governance of your building and, of course, to avoid worrying about the equipment you’re responsible for. Discover what HydroSolution offers you.

A complete range of services for managers and co-owners.

Our 24/7 service, which includes holidays, is a major advantage because it means that we’ll carry out the installations when you want and we’ll answer your service calls at any time. We’ll take care of approaching the co-owners, scheduling the appointments with them, coordinating the installations by floor with the security and alarm stakeholders, keeping track of exceptions and replacements, etc. Finally, a special team will be dedicated exclusively to your building.

The best water heaters in Canada

A good investment! Sturdy water heaters, covered by the best warranty in the industry. Their bottom cold water entry provides yearly savings in electricity costs. They’re approved by most insurance companies and condo associations. Furthermore, adding a leak protection system will lead to a decrease in insurance premiums.

You and your co-owners can choose to rent or buy your water heaters. However, the rental option is very profitable: no initial payment required, no installation fees or repair costs and free water heater replacements when needed.