Executive Team

HydroSolution’s executive team is composed of managers whose combined years of experience contribute to the company’s success. This small team shows great ability to react quickly when making decisions to ensure an accessible and tailored service to meet customers’ needs.

Nicolas Ayotte

President and Chief Executive Officer

Head of HydroSolution since 2014, Nicolas Ayotte has led the company to its most significant growth cycle since the beginning of its operations. Thanks to his vision that focuses on brand development, sales and technology, the company is now a leader in its sector. His eagerness and passion to surround himself with the most qualified people create a dynamic work environment where each employee makes a difference. Formerly, Nicolas spent 16 years working for Xerox as the vice-president of Eastern Canada and 5 years as the president of Via Capitale.

Nicolas also devotes his time to young hockey players and serves on the Board of Directors of the Olympiques Spéciaux du Québec.

Érick Dion

Director of Finance and Administration

Since 2005, Érick has participated in creating HydroSolution’s core values. Since he joined the team many years ago, he has been involved in all functional areas of the business and now has a good overview of the organization. He has also participated in numerous negotiations of refinancing deals and asset acquisitions.

In addition to his experience within the HydroSolution team, Érick holds the CPA and CGA designations as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in addition to a graduate certificate in financial performance.

Isabel St-Laurent

Brand Director and Digital Business

For the last 3 years, Isabel has been developing the HydroSolution brand in a constantly evolving market. With over 25 years of experience in advertising, communication and both traditional and digital marketing, she has always been a dynamic intermediary between the company and its different client groups. Throughout the years, she has gained a strong expertise in consumer trends and behaviours, more specifically in relation with the new realities of digital transformation. Isabel aims to be a positive and creative leader to bring the multidisciplinary teams together in sharing a common vision to support the evolution of HydroSolution’s brand equity.

She is passionate about everything that is design-related, especially when the dominant colour is white.

François Cinq-Mars

Director of Operations and Customer Service

Working for HydroSolution since 2013, François constantly applies his leadership to get results. Throughout the years, he has acquired adaptability skills and undeniable knowledge in managing task forces, optimizing operations, as well as developing processes and procedures. He knows how to encourage effort and collaboration to achieve the organization’s goals according to the vision and strategies already established. His keen and methodological intellect makes François stand out thanks to his organizational and planning skills as well as his innate qualities to put in place new procedures in the company’s structure. He always feels at ease in stimulating and demanding environments where he knows how to stay pragmatic and focused.

François firmly believes that the concept of having fun at work is essential to keep the staff engaged and committed. He claims that above anything else the success of a company depends on its employees. Therefore, it is important to truly devote oneself to maintaining a dynamic and positive environment at work!

Isabelle Poupart

Operational Efficiency Manager

In April 2018, Isabelle joined the HydroSolution team as an operational efficiency manager. Every day, she aims at working in collaboration with all her surrounding teams to achieve the goals of the organization. In recent years, Isabelle has managed several ambitious strategic projects for large and medium-sized organizations. Most of the projects, initiated by a change in the information management system, included many human factors to consider and had major impacts on the operations of various departments within the companies. Her expertise, based on more than 20 years of experience in different fields of management and an MBA with a specialization in management of technology and information, make her an expert in organizational management and business process optimization. Her competencies also give a strategic vision of organizational issues.

Mother of two, Isabelle’s pastimes include alpine skiing and cycling with her family.