Worry-free water heater replacement
You can count on HydroSolution experts in your area to install or replace your water heater promptly.


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Our installation service includes

  •  HydroSolution water heater, manufactured in Québec by Giant;
  • Vacuum relief valve to prevent siphoning;
  • T&P valve in case of excessive temperatures and pressures;
  • Discharge tube;
  • Drain pan placed under the water heater;
  • Removal of the old water heater and recycling of the raw materials*;
  • Connection of the drain valve to the existing discharge tube in compliance with applicable codes;* and
  • Different parts such as pipe fittings.*

* Certain conditions apply.

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Not included in the installation

Possible fees charged and payable to the installers at the moment of the installation:

  • Installation or replacement of the homeowner’s main water valve;
  • Connection of the drain pan to the floor drain;
  • Necessary upgrades to comply with electrical standards;
  • Lift platform to allow the connection of the pressure relief valve to the discharge tube; and
  • Any upgrades to the property’s plumbing
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