To ensure the proper installation of your water heater and plan for our technician’s visit, please check the following points before their arrival.
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Confirmation Call

Expect a confirmation call a few hours before your appointment.


Minimum clearance
required around the tank

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Water heater location

Please leave the path to your new water heater clear and unobstructed while taking into account the space required around the tank. Make sure there are no obstacles blocking the way. Please note that since 2008, the size of the water heaters is larger.

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Review your home’s regulations

Certain homes have specific regulations that the technicians have to consider, like the use of the elevator, the space in the parking lot, etc.

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Clear the path to the water heater

Free the path that the technicians will have to take from the delivery truck to the installation site. For safety reasons, our technicians are not allowed to move any furniture or home appliances.

To help you envision the space needed, if you can roll a chair from the delivery truck to your water heater without any issues, the passage is clear!

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Expect a certain amount of time for the installation

A complete installation can take between 60 and 90 minutes, if there are no complications. If the installation takes longer, you will not be charged extra.


Clear the path to the electrical panel

Make sure the water heater’s circuit breaker is well-identified and accessible in your electrical panel because our technicians will have to verify that it complies with the requirements.

Wiring requirements

Make sure your electrical system permits the connection of a water heater. If you are replacing a 40-gallon water heater with a 60-gallon one, or if your electrical panel is older, you may have to upgrade it.

Wire: Breaker:
2-10 copper 20 or 30 amps
2-12 copper 20 amps
2-10 aluminium 20 amps

The 2-10 copper wire and 30-amp breaker combination is compatible with all water heater models.


Smoke detector and alarm system

Avoid unnecessary fees related to a false alarm. If your smoke detector is connected to the alarm monitoring centre, it would be best to advise them prior to your water heater installation because there will be welding work.

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