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No hot water

Your water heater is no longer providing hot water. Several technical and electrical causes are possible. To avoid complicating the issue, call our customer service at 1 877-353-0077 and your problem will be solved quickly.

Not enough hot water

Here are a few things to verify: are the hot and cold water lines connected properly (and not in reverse)? Is there a water leak in the plumbing system? Is the thermostat’s temperature set at 60• C (140• F)? Was there a higher hot water demand? If all of these possible causes have been ruled out, then you should think about the size of your water heater. Maybe it no longer meets your water heating needs. If you are not familiar with basic plumbing and electricity, remember that our expert-installers are at your disposal.

Boiling water

Either the thermostat’s temperature is set too high or the thermostat is defective. The heating element may have also been corroded by carbon dioxide. You will have to replace the thermostat or the heating element, depending on the case. Our CMMTQ certified installers are able to perform these modifications for you. Call our customer service at 1 877-353-0077.

Water heater continuously in operation

There may be different reasons: either the water heater is too small for your needs, the thermostat is defective or not connected to the water heater, or the auxiliary switch is defective. You will need to verify a few of these possible causes to find the source of the problem. Call us, we will fix the problem quickly and our repair service is guaranteed.

Element failure

Either the wiring connections are inadequate or loose, the voltage is too high, or there is a short circuit somewhere, etc. You can spend hours looking for the problem or you can contact us by calling 1 877-353-0077.

Frequent blown fuse

Among the possible causes, oxidized or loose connections or a low supply voltage are the most probable. Give our installers something to do. Call us.

Drain valve is leaking

The drain valve is either open or defective. You can turn off the drain valve yourself, but if it needs to be replaced, we can do that for you. 1 877-353-0077

The relief valve is leaking

In this case, you will need to check out a few things to find out the actual cause. Either the relief valve is improperly seated or defective, the thermostat is defective, the water pressure in the tank is excessive, thermal expansion in a closed water system, etc. If you cannot find the problem, call us. Our expert-installers will find what’s wrong and quickly fix it.

Water on the floor or in the drain pan

The relief valve, the element or the water heater is leaking? You need to find the cause of the problem. We are at your disposal if you need us.

Wet insulation

The plumbing connections or the relief valve is leaking or there is a leak around the element. If you cannot find the cause, call us.

Bulging tank

Make sure a relief valve is installed. If not, you will have to install a proper relief valve or install a suitable expansion tank on the cold water line. Do you need help with this task? HydroSolution is there to help.

Traces of rust in hot water

This means your anode has been eaten away and needs to be replaced. Our expert-installers can easily take care of that.

The hot water smells bad

Water contains a high sulphate and mineral content. You need to replace the magnesium anode with an aluminium anode and use chlorine bleach to clean inside the tank or call 1 877 353 0077.

Rust coloured hot water

This usually means your inner tank has been corroded. Your water heater needs to be replaced.


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