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Evaluate your
household water consumption

Low to average
Members of your household take up to 4 showers or 2 baths every day, you wash your clothes with cold water, and you run the dishwasher every 3 days.

Members of your household take more than 4 showers or 3 baths every day, you wash your clothes with hot water, and you run the dishwasher every day.

High-quality service throughout Quebec

Our mission as a proud Quebec company: to meet our clients’ needs and ensure they can enjoy peace of mind. That’s why we are your trusted experts for managing and installing water heaters. We also work in close collaboration with companies in Outaouais to offer you the most exceptional service possible.

Providing a high-quality, personalized service to Quebecers is our top priority. Trust HydroSolution, your experts in the region.

We were extremely pleased with the installation services of HydroSolution. Our new water heater was installed rapidly by two technicians that were friendly and very clear in their explanations. We highly recommend HydroSolution to anyone who’s considering renting a water tank!

Paul, Gatineau

HydroSolution: at your service in Outaouais

In addition to our local presence on each side of the Gatineau River – from Chelsea to Cantley – we provide a wide selection of products and guarantee a personalized service that meets your needs.

You can rely on us for high-quality products such as wall-mounted heat pumps, water leak detection systems, and even charging stations for electric vehicles.

For all your water heater needs in Gatineau and the surrounding areas, call upon HydroSolution!

The benefits of renting with HydroSolution

Goodbye maintenance fees

No deposit. No maintenance or repair costs. We’ll even replace your water heater for free if needed.

Easy to budget

Twelve predictable monthly payments every year. Did you know that the amount of your water heater purchase over 10 years would bear enough interest to cover most of the rental costs?

Support is only a phone call away

Our advisors are available 24/7 for repairs and emergencies. If your water heater leaks, we can repair it within three hours!

Meets the standards of insurance companies

You can rest easy and enjoy peace of mind: bottom cold water entry, automatic temperature control thermostats, insulating foam for energy savings, a drain pan, a pressure relief valve and a drain valve.

Lower risk of water damage

The CSA approved heating elements, the oversized anode and NPT factory-installed electric fittings will all extend the service life of your water heater.

One single provider

If you have a problem, simply give us a call. Our experts know your water heater like the back of their hand.