Ductless wall-mounted heat pumps

Optimal comfort year-round

Enjoy comfort throughout the year

HydroSolution is the only company in Quebec to offer wall-mounted ductless heat pumps for rent. An affordable solution that will help you save energy year-round. During the winter, the device heats the cold air coming from outside and in the summer cools the hot air coming in.

A turnkey service

HydroSolution is renowned for its outstanding service. The same goes for its ductless wall-mounted heat pumps. We offer a turnkey service that includes installation by a certified refrigeration technician and preventive maintenance: every three years the filters will be cleaned and a visual inspection will be carried out. After 12 years, if your unit no longer works, we will replace it with a new one at no extra cost*.

*In line with technical criteria set by HydroSolution

A trustworthy partner

We’ve chosen Fujitsu as our partner because they are a leader in wall-mounted heat pumps. Fujitsu products are renowned for their quality, performance, and durability and come with a 12-year warranty.

Whether you want to heat or cool your home, a heat pump is an affordable solution that will keep you comfortable all year long. Both models are available in 9,000, 12,000, 18,000, and 24,000 BTUs so no matter the size or layout of your home, you’ll find the system that meets your needs. Furthermore, the installation will take into account your home’s configuration including open spaces, landings, and even stairs.

Choose your model

Comfort Series - Performance and durability

Fujitsu Wall-Mounted Heat Pump - RL* Model

Starting at $44.99 per month
  • Modern, minimalist design
  • High ENERGY STAR efficiency (18,000 BTU model only)
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Inverter technology
  • Prevents cold air flow
  • Energy savings: save up to $200 per year on your heating bill
  • Auto and economy mode
* Equivalent to model RL2 for 9,000 and 12,000 BTU and RLB for 18,000 and 24,000 BTU
Performance Series - Eco-friendly and high-end

Fujitsu Wall-Mounted Heat Pump - LM* Model

Starting at $49.99 per month
  • High efficiency (ENERGY STAR) and NEEP (Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships)
  • Sleep timer
  • Wireless remote
  • Prevents cold, dry mode, quiet mode
  • Modes: auto and economy, powerful output, motorized vanes
  • Auto restart / automatic inversion
  • Prevents cold air flows
  • Energy savings: save up to $350 per year on your heating bill
  • Eligible for governmental grants ($50 per 1,000 BTU)
*Equivalent to the LMAS series for the 9,000 BTU and the LMAH series for the 12,000 BTU models and the RLXFW1 Series for the 18,000 and 24,000 BTU models

Plenty of good reasons to choose us

An obvious choice

Fujitsu has earned a stellar reputation for their heat pumps. They are reliable, powerful, and renowned for their durability.

Inverter technology

Our latest-generation wall-mounted heat pumps provide continuous comfort throughout the year.

Visually pleasing units

Fujitsu has designed their units to discreetly integrate into your décor.

Installation incluse d’ici 48 hrs
Installation performed by specialists

Our wall-mounted units are installed by certified refrigeration, heating, and cooling specialists. Furthermore, the electrical connection is carried out by a certified electrician.

Foolproof Warranty!*

To guarantee peace of mind, Fujitsu heat pumps are renowned as one of the best brands in Canada. In addition to being a high-end product, they come with one of the industry’s leading warranties: 12 years on parts and 10 years on labour. And with HydroSolution’s rental service, they come with a foolproof warranty.

* With normal usage of the product in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and with the required maintenance.

Make the right choice

Choosing the right amount of BTUs

So what exactly is a BTU? A BTU is a unit of heat. When it comes to heat pumps, the unit is measured in how many square feet of air surface the system can cool or heat. To find out how many BTUs are required, calculate your surface area (length x width), multiply by 10 and round up to the corresponding number of BTUs. For instance, an area with 1,000 sq. ft. requires 12,000 BTUs.


Example: 26 ft x 38 t = 988 sq. ft.

988 X 10 = 9,880 > rounded up = 10,000

Number of BTUs required = 12,000 (higher number)

When you rent a heat pump from HydroSolution, we’ll take care of your unit’s maintenance and repairs. The only thing you’ll have to do is enjoy comfort in your home year-round.

We care about your comfort
We’ve chosen to partner with Fujitsu because we want the products we offer to be reliable and durable. Rest assured that your wall-mounted heat pump will be installed by a certified refrigeration technician.
Answers to your questions
Like most people, you probably have many questions about your heat pump and its installation, operation, and maintenance. View our most frequently asked questions to find the answers you’re looking for.

Financial assistance

Did you know? If you choose the Performance wall-mounted heat pump, you could benefit from provincial financial assistance as part of the Transition énergétique Québec program. It pays off to save energy!
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