Rental property owner

As an investor, you want profitable buildings with as little trouble as possible.
Our water heater products and services are designed for you.

Your peace of mind

Your tenants will appreciate a turnkey service, and you will get total peace of mind. You will never have to pay maintenance fees or repair costs. Your tenants can contact us directly for immediate support, should a problem arise with a water heater.

Best volume discounts

Do you own several dwellings? We offer cost-effective solutions and competitive quantity discounts.

Financial flexibility

No need to empty your bank account for a water heater. Water heater rentals are the best solution for your budget.

Tax deductible

You can deduct your water heater rental fees from your income taxes. You can include them in your current expenses.

Easy billing management

Manage your bills easily with the HydroSolution management platform. We can bill your tenants’ water heater rental fees directly.

Fully compliant with the requirements of insurance companies

Bottom cold water entry, automatic temperature control thermostats, insulating foam = energy-cost savings. Drain pan, pressure relief valve, and drain valve = increased safety.

Find the water heater that’s right for you

  • High-quality water heaters

    Choose HydroSolution quality. Unique warranties, robust build, savings and more!

  • A unique warranty

    10-year tank warranty, 8-year elements and thermostat warranty and 1-year labour warranty. In the event of water damage, the deductible will be reimbursed in most cases.