A dedicated team,
just for you.

Benefit from complete management of your water heaters by a dedicated team who know the rules of condominiums and multiplexes.

HydroSolution offers a VIP service adapted to your needs

Depending on your type of dwelling, we’ll advise you for the purchase or rental of your water heaters and oversee their installation by our certified experts.

Condo association administrator or co-ownership manager
A dedicated team who knows the rules of co-ownership will take care of managing your water heaters and will guide you every step of the way.
Rental property owner
As an investor, you want profitable buildings with as little trouble as possible.
Our water heater products and services are designed for you.
Low-rental housing
Condo buildings and low-rental housing projects can also take advantage of HydroSolution’s turnkey service when replacing their water heaters. Personalized support, competitive prices, installation carried out by certified professionals, and high-quality products with a 10-year warranty: all good reasons to call upon our expertise!

Together, let’s find the solution that meets your needs