AKWA water
leak detectors

Prevent water damage!

Independent Wi-Fi system

If it detects a leak, AKWA automatically shuts off the main water valve.

Quick response

No matter where the leak is detected, the main valve will quickly be shut off.

Immediate notification

Once the main water valve is shut, you’ll receive an alert by email or text.

You’re in good hands

Find out more about our detectors and services.

Une fuite d’eau qui ne devient pas un désastre
A water leak that doesn’t turn into a disaster
Leave your home with peace of mind. The AKWA Wi-Fi detection system will automatically shut off the water supply in the case of a leak. The detector will then send you a message that water damage was prevented.
Tested and certified components
AKWA is the first water alarm system on the market and meets the highest safety standards of the industry. It prevents, detects and controls water leaks without any assistance. You can count on AKWA at all times.
It’s our job to take care of everything!
Thanks to our turnkey service, you’ll never have to call a plumber or try to configure your leak detection system on your own. Simply call us and together we’ll identify your needs and the best time for installation.
AKWA concierge for condominiums
HydroSolution provides a turnkey service for preventing leaks: on-site visit, assessment of your needs, installation, configuration of the water leak detection system and technical support.

Let’s find the system that’s right for you.

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