Condo association administrator

A dedicated team who knows the rules of co-ownership will take care of managing your water heaters and will guide you every step of the way.

Give your co-owners and your condo association guaranteed peace of mind. Follow my lead and entrust the management of your water heater needs to HydroSolution’s team. They will take care of everything in a professional and efficient manner.

Sandy Ghonaim, co-ownership manager
Case study

Pierrefonds condominium

“I quick received a detailed quote”

After one single call, a plumber came to carry out an inspection and a representative provided me with a personalized quote and an assessment of the condominium’s needs.

The service included appointment scheduling and the delivery of a post-installation log for our own records and for insurance purposes.

“A simplified installation management”

All water heater replacements, which were carried out by CMMTQ certified technicians, have gone smoothly and according to every co-owner’s expectations. Some installations were even performed on Saturdays to accommodate special requests.

Moreover, the bills are sent directly to the co-owners without any intervention on my part. Everything is thought out to provide a hassle-free experience for the manager.

“Reassuring warranties”

The warranties cover the time period prescribed by our insurers: a 10-year warranty against tank leaks, a 10-year warranty on parts and between a 1-year and a 10-year warranty on labour, depending on the option chosen by the co-owner.

You get the best warranties

With the HydroSolution program, you’ll get additional warranties on elements and thermostats as well as on labour.

10 years
5-8 years Retailers/independent
Elements and thermostats
10 years
1-5 years Retailers/independent
1 year
(1 year longerthan the basic warranty) HydroSolution
1 year Retailers/independent

Compare our offer

Site visit by a licenced plumber to better understand your needs
Appointments for installation coordinated with each co-owner (includes removal of old tank)
Up to 8 water heaters installed per day
Warranties honoured directly by HydroSolution, no middleman
Installation on Saturdays (in some regions)
Transfer of the rental contract
Warranty against leaks and on parts
10 years
6 to 8 years
6 to 8 years
Free drain pan

Find the water heater that’s right for you

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