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Leave your home with peace of mind. The AKWA* Wi-Fi detection system will automatically shut off the water supply in the case of a leak. The detector will then send you a message that water damage was prevented.

Did you know?


of insurance claims are related to water leaks*


of water damage can be avoided with preventive measures **


of water damage claims are due to burst pipes ***

Sources *Canadian Institute of Actuaries, ** American Insurance Association, ***AllState Canada


AKWA Technologies is the first water alarm system on the market and meets the highest safety standards of the industry. It prevents, detects and controls water leaks without any assistance. You can count on AKWA Technologies at all times.

Detecting a leak

An unparalleled level of precision when time is of the essence

You can install as many AKWA* wireless sensors as you want in high-risk zones:

  • Near the toilet
  • In the laundry room
  • Near the water heater
  • Under any sink

As soon as a water leak occurs, the detector sends out a signal to the water alarm controller. It is the only detector equipped with the “Smart Alarm” technology, which does not signal false alarms. Rest assured, the system will only notify you when there is an actual leak.

Controlling leaks

AKWA* immediately stop leaks

Thanks to a very short response time, the water alarm controller immediately commands the valve to shut off automatically. No matter where the leak is detected, the main water valve will immediately be shut, therefore preventing major water damage.

Get notified instantly

Once the home’s main water valve is shut off, you will receive a notification by email or text. When you get home, you can simply wipe the leak with a cloth. Meanwhile, enjoy life. Your home is in good hands.

Control and security
in one place

A smart, proactive and preventive system

The AKWA Technologies alarm panel is 100% reliable, secure and hack proof. AKWA* can operate without a Wi-Fi network, and it is the only system to ensure the sensors are running smoothly at all times.

AKWA Concierge

You can centrally consult and manage your home’s or homes’ alarms and notifications with AKWA Concierge. If you’re a manager or in charge of a condo association, this solution is for you. AKWA Concierge is a cross-platform web application and can run on any computer, mobile device or tablet running on iOS or Android.

Peace of mind
All of the system’s components come with a 3-year warranty
Recognized system
Product approved by most insurance companies
Discount granted on certain insurance premiums

* Any reference to the only term “AKWA” means the water leak prevention and detection product “AKWA Technologies”, while any reference to the whole terms “AKWA Concierge” means another product from AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

  • Custom-made system

    Build your leak detection system according to your needs.

  • AKWA Concierge for condominiums

    Have you thought about getting a leak detection system?

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