We repair water heaters

HydroSolution’s expert technicians can quickly and efficiently repair any water heater at any time. Our repairs are guaranteed so you can enjoy peace of mind in any situation.

Our repair service

What brands do we repair?

HydroSolution repairs any water heater, regardless of the brand, and our repair service is guaranteed.

When do we carry out repairs?

Our emergency response team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You will not be charged additional fees for services rendered at night or on weekends. HydroSolution customers can count on our experts to arrive within 3 hours (when the hot water tank is leaking) of their call.

What are the repair costs?

HydroSolution water heater rentals are repaired without cost. Customers owning HydroSolution water heaters will have to pay for the repairs unless the parts are still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years on the tank, 8 years on the heating elements and thermostat and 1 year on the labour. Water heaters from other manufacturers can be repaired according to the rates currently in place at HydroSolution. Call us for more information at 1 877-353-0077.

What if your water heater does not come from HydroSolution?

If you bought your water heater from a superstore or a local plumbing supply store, you’ll be left stranded in the case of a problem.

HydroSolution is there to repair any water heater, even those that have been bought elsewhere. We are experts in water heater installation and repair. Call us to resolve your water heater problems once and for all! 1 877-353-0077

If your water heater cannot be repaired

If you water heater needs to be replaced, we have different options for you. A water heater rental with multiple benefits or the purchase of a new HydroSolution water heater backed by a 10-year tank warranty, an 8-year heating elements warranty and a 1-year labour warranty. The purchase of a new water heater also includes the installation carried out by our expert installers.

Solving problems related to water heaters

Generally, water heaters are designed to last as long as the warranty period and even longer; however, they can still break down or lose their efficiency. If you are fed up of dealing with a water heater, a rental is possibly the best solution for you: no initial payment required, service available at all times, emergency repair provided within 3 hours (when the hot water tank is leaking), replacements are free, etc. Think about it!


for rented water heaters

When you rent a water heater from HydroSolution, you’ll enjoy peace of mind. Maintenance and repairs are free. We’ll even replace the water heater if needed.
Benefits of rental

Service agreement

A repair agreement that will prevent unpleasant surprises!

Regardless of its manufacturer, once you subscribe to our service agreement, your water heater will be covered! This is an essential kind of agreement when you keep in mind that one heating element is bound to fail before the water heater itself and an emergency service call costs, on average, $175.

Your water heater comes from HydroSolution and you own it

This protection covers:
Parts and labour, as well as the tank if your water heater is between 1 and 12 years old.

1-year agreement29,88$
5-year agreement120$

Your water heater does not come from HydroSolution

This protection covers:
Parts and labour. Your water heater must have a maximum of 12 years of life expectancy.

1-year contract39,96$

Risk free

A credit equivalent to the price of the agreement will be applicable on your next water heater if you are lucky and never have to make a service call, you could use the cost of the agreement towards a new water heater purchase or rental.*

* Maximum credit on a regular-priced electric water heater equivalent to the cost of a 3-year service agreement.

Find the water heater that’s right for you

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