We’re hiring! We’ll even write it in all caps – WE’RE HIRING!

WE’RE HIRING AND WE’RE COMMITTED TO… offering you a good salary, flexibility in your work schedule, advancement opportunities, and real weekends!

Teamwork and cooperation

Working together towards one common goal: the satisfaction of a job well done. This means colleagues supporting each other, coaching the less experienced, and working closely with our partners throughout Quebec.

Innovative approach and adaptability

The needs of our customers and employees are continuously evolving, which inspires us to innovate and make the corresponding changes to our products, practices and service offerings.

Our desire to please

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and this reflects not only in the warranties we offer but also in our telephone exchanges, our installation services and the choice of our external partners.

Working at HydroSolution

Advancement potential

Thrive within our growing company. Work for us and you won’t miss an opportunity for career progression.

A working environment that encourages diversity

Whether you are shy or very outgoing, prefer manual or intellectual labour, we have a job for you. The diversity of our employees is what makes us more efficient in achieving our common goal: offering a great customer experience.

Competitive salary

Get paid according to your skills and expertise, no less.

Employee benefits

Seize the day while planning for your future. Take advantage of Group RRSPs and a great employee insurance plan.

Social events

We believe that hard work and fun go hand in hand. That’s why we organize several activities designed to bring everyone together, much to our employees’ delight.

Employee referral program

We encourage internal referrals. Whoever refers a suitable candidate to us will receive a $500 bonus.

Free coffee

What? Hot water is our specialty! Might as well use it to make coffee.

Our employees, our ambassadors

I’ve been working for HydroSolution for more than 9 years now. During this time, I’ve seen HydroSolution grow and improve to offer the best customer service possible. I’m surrounded by a management team and employees who are dedicated to making our valued customers happy.
I’m in charge of the multiplex owners’ accounts as well as claims filed by owners and insurers. My job is very interesting and the tasks are diversified. I recommend everyone join our team because the working environment here is an enjoyable one.

Joan Sicotte, Expert advisor

Working at HydroSolution is a very enriching experience and I would even say that being part of this company is a very good opportunity. HydroSolution has a training policy which means they listen to their employees and their needs in terms of professional development and career progression. The company gives anyone who is ready to invest their energy a chance and that’s a part of my job I’ve always loved.

Didier Supperamaniyen, Expert advisor

I like working for HydroSolution because it’s a company that involves its employees in the decision-making process. We’re more than numbers and our efforts are recognized and appreciated. I’ve been with HydroSolution for 9 years now and I’ve just been promoted to a new position thanks to my experience in administration and dedication to the company. I think I’ll be staying with HydroSolution until I retire!

Sylvie Wheatley, Expert advisor

I’ve been a collections agent with HydroSolution for over 6 months now and I can say that I feel right at home. With the team spirit that permeates every department and the professional development opportunities, it’s been easy for me to gain the skills necessary to provide the best experience possible to our clients. I’m proud to say I work for HydroSolution and I appreciate the support I receive to help me grow within the collections team.

Ghislain Obeo Coulibaly, Collections agent

Surprisingly, despite my years of experience, I am still learning new things at HydroSolution! There’s no way I could ever be bored thanks to my colleagues’ cheerfulness and good sense of humour. And management often rewards employees’ good work by organizing activities. That creates a work atmosphere that encourages collaboration between departments and proves that it is possible to have fun at work.

Lucie Léonard, Accounts payable

I’ve been with Hydrosolution for more than 10 years now. Being part of a dynamic company and working in the accounts payable department, I’m in a position to appreciate the extent of our expertise. That’s why I’m proud to belong to the large HydroSolution family, a company that’s dedicated to quality.

Ginette Pilotte, Accounts payable

HydroSolution offers professional development activities to ensure we always provide high-quality communication services and improve the experience of our clients. Ours is a stimulating work environment where communication is key and I’m proud to be part of a company that’s always growing. HydroSolution is always listening to the needs of its clients as well as those of its employees.

Claudio Alexander Flores Alvarado, Expert advisor

For the past 6 years, I’ve been with HydroSolution as a technician and I install water heaters. My work allows me to meet extraordinary people and to share my knowledge. With every installation, I make sure to help the client so they can enjoy a safe water heater that complies with regulations. It’s important for me to meet the clients’ needs whenever they have questions or require advice so they can be happy and satisfied with the work I do.

Alexandre Racette, Certified technician

After 8 years with the company, I consider myself the ‘mom’ of HydroSolution. I’ve always been focused on making sure my clients and colleagues are satisfied. It’s important for me to exceed their expectations. I am thrilled to be the first contact with clients who show up at our offices. That’s why I make sure to be a loyal ambassador for HydroSolution.

Nathalie Miron, Customer service representative

Available positions

Working at HydroSolution means growing alongside a dynamic team in a stimulating environment. With us, you’re sure to never be bored at work!

Accounting Assistant

As an Accounting Assistant, we will call on your strengths of accuracy and versatility to carry out several administrative tasks. Your goal? Be an ally in the team by supporting accounting activities.

Sales representative - major accounts (Montreal Area)

Reporting to the Director of Major Accounts, the sales representative will be required to prospect and develop sales cycles with the boards of directors of co-ownership syndicates, real estate investors who own multi-housing as well as social buildings in the greater region of Montreal. Also, the person will have to establish and develop relationships with management companies as well as with the various associations in the field.


Customer development advisor

As a customer development advisor, you’ll rely on your sales skills to advise clients in their water heater needs. Your goal will be to act as a water heater expert to provide the best solution in terms of products and services that meets the needs of clients and objectives.

Expert advisor

As an expert advisor, you’ll be called upon to answer clients in terms of their water heater needs. Your goal will be to act as an ambassador for our clients and guarantee the best experience for any type of incoming calls (questions on our products and services, invoices, customer retention, etc.).

Assistant installation technician

As an assistant installation technician for water heaters, you’ll rely on your enthusiasm and physical strength to install water heaters in our clients’ homes while learning the basics of being an installation technician. Your goal will be to act as an ambassador for our clients while learning the basics of plumbing and electricity. The hours you work will go towards your non-construction licence! By working on the road and in our clients’ premises, you’ll become a water heater and customer service expert.


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