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A heat pump: an energy efficient device that will help you save

Did you know that heat pumps are some of the most energy-efficient heating and cooling devices available on the market? In fact, a heat pump consumes less energy than electric heating or traditional air conditioners while providing more benefits in terms of comfort throughout the year. Here are a few tips to help you identify the most energy-efficient models and some information on how to receive financial assistance to purchase them.

Energy Star, EER, HSPF: what they all mean

There are different ways of describing a heat pump’s energy efficiency. The simplest way to compare their energy output is to look at their Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF).

The EER measures the cooling device’s performance with a 35°C outdoor temperature and an indoor temperature of 26°C and 50% relative humidity.

As for the HSPF, it measures the heating performance of the heat pump based on an outdoor temperature of 8°C and an indoor temperature of 20°C.

In both cases, it’s important to note that the higher the rating, the less energy it consumes. A one-point difference in the EER means a 4% increase or decrease on a device’s energy consumption. For the HSPF, a one-point difference means the device requires 8% more or less electricity.

As for the Energy Star symbol, which has become recognized throughout the world, it’s a good way to quickly find out if a heat pump is energy efficient.

Subsidies to help you improve your comfort and heating at home

Thinking of purchasing a new heat pump soon? Did you know that the government of Quebec and Hydro-Québec offer financial assistance to help you purchase or rent a heat pump? Here’s where to look to find out more.

Among HydroSolution models, the Performance series is eligible for the LogisVert program. If the installation of a heat pump is part of an overall project to improve your property’s energy efficiency, you could also benefit from financial assistance from the Rénoclimat program.

Any reason is a good one to start heating and cooling your home with a heat pump!


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