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Discover the advantages of installing a level 2 charging station at your home

You’ve just purchased your first electric vehicle and you’re patiently waiting for it to be delivered. This is the perfect time to get a charging station. Did you know that HydroSolution offers electric vehicle owners a turnkey solution with FLO level 2 charging stations? Discover the benefits of choosing HydroSolution for the acquisition and installation of a level 2 charging station.

A reliable, robust product that is compatible with all electric vehicles

HydroSolution offers FLO, Wallbox and Grizzl-e level 2 charging stations. Renowned for their reliability and robustness, these charging stations have earned myriad awards and are compatible with any type of electric vehicle.

A powerful charging station for greater autonomy

Before selecting a charging station, you need to figure out how you will be using your electric vehicle. Will you be driving it every day? Will you be going long distances? Will the vehicle only be used for errands? There are many different charging stations available depending on how you use your vehicle. That’s why it’s important to choose a powerful charging station that will provide you with the autonomy required for your daily needs.

A reduced charging time

You can plug an electric vehicle directly into a standard plug but that will take a lot longer to charge. According to Hydro-Québec, this can take more than eight hours. But with a level 2 charging station, like the EV chargers available from HydroSolution, your vehicle will be fully charged up to five times quicker.

An excellent investment

Yes, installing a charging station will result in additional costs. However, the Government of Quebec and many municipalities now offer discounts and financial assistance for installing a home charging station. With HydroSolution, you can purchase a charging station or get a 24- or 48-month lease so you can access the best equipment possible for your vehicle. Find out more!

Because charging stations are becoming increasingly popular, they can even increase the value of your property. Potential buyers might be interested in your property if it comes with a level 2 charging station. Furthermore, you don’t need to install the charging station directly on a wall. It can be installed on a pedestal designed to meet HydroSolution’s high standards of quality.

An exceptional service

Every level 2 charging station sold by HydroSolution is installed by qualified contractors who are members of the RBQ. And all our charging stations come with a four-year warranty when leased.
There are myriad benefits to having a level 2 charging station at home. For more information about HydroSolution and its charging stations, visit

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