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How to adapt to Law 25 in today’s context : HydroSolution’s approach

As a property manager, it is crucial to ensure the protection of co-owners’ personal information. Quebec’s Law 25 imposes strict responsibilities regarding confidentiality. HydroSolution, your specialist in water heaters and leak detection systems, fully complies with these requirements and has adapted its practices accordingly.

Reliability and privacy policy

At HydroSolution, we have implemented a detailed privacy policy accessible on our website, explaining how we collect, use, and protect personal information. We have also appointed an internal data protection manager to ensure the secure and compliant management of information.

Consent and transparency

Data collection at HydroSolution is transparent and requires informed consent from users. We clearly inform co-owners about how their information will be used, always adhering to the requirements of Law 25. For example, our assigned representative sends a detailed survey on the water heater replacement procedure to the property manager, who then forwards it to the co-owners to obtain their consent.

Secure data exchanges

Since condominium associations can be held responsible if a subcontractor violates Law 25, HydroSolution has implemented strict security measures to protect personal information during projects with third parties. If you need to transmit co-owners’ contact information, HydroSolution ensures compliance with the law. Our tools and software allow us to securely transmit and delete data at the end of the project.

Peace of mind and trust

HydroSolution assures property managers and co-owners that personal information is managed securely and in compliance with Law 25, providing peace of mind and a stress-free solution. By choosing HydroSolution, you are opting for a partner that places the protection of your data at the heart of its priorities.

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