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Interview with one of our AKWA Technologies leak detection systems specialists

After overseeing the installation of hundreds of AKWA Technologies systems, our specialists share their impressions about this solution.

1. Please briefly describe the benefits of installing a leak detection system in a condo building.

In condo buildings, 90% of claims submitted to insurance companies are related to water damage. These days, fewer and fewer insurance companies are ready to bear those risks. That’s why it is in the condo association’s interest to embrace water leak detection technology. It’s a powerful, scalable, and affordable solution.

Each claim makes annual insurance premiums go up as well as the deductibles for owners. In addition to higher insurance costs, repairs now often take longer and, in some cases, co-ownerships are no longer insurable. This reality affects us all. We can blame the pandemic and climate change, but it is an issue we must all deal with.

Installing a leak detection system in every unit protects the condo building as a whole and comes with peace of mind knowing water leaks will be prevented. This technology will also have a positive effect on insurance deductibles and may result in lower annual premiums.

2. How do you work with condo associations and their administrators?

Condo association administrators are passionate individuals who are very involved in their building communities. I prefer to meet them in person because I believe human contact promotes more constructive, informative discussions. Thoroughly understanding the challenges of the condo association as well as the expectations of administrators allows me to recommend high-quality options that are adapted to their needs while demonstrating the potential for a return on the co-ownership’s investment.

3. What are the main advantages of the AKWA* system, only available from HydroSolution?

The high-quality AKWA* leak detection system, which includes an automatic shut-off valve, is simple, reliable, efficient, discreet, and easy to use. Moreover, it’s a scalable system that can adapt to the needs of condo associations.

Another major advantage of the AKWA* system is that it is installed by certified technicians.

Furthermore, it’s an autonomous system that protects high-risk zones without requiring Wi-Fi in the condo unit. In other words, the AKWA* system does not need the unit owner’s Wi-Fi system to work. The co-owner can use the control panel installed in their unit to monitor the status of the system. If Wi-Fi is available, the system can send a notification to a co-owner’s smartphone, tablet, or computer.

4. Do you use plumbers to install your leak detection system?

The main part of the AKWA* leak detection system, the stainless steel sensor connector , is installed by a certified plumber. Every other part of the system is installed and programmed by certified AKWA* technicians.

5. Which mandates or leak detection system installation projects have made you the proudest?

I appreciate every project and I believe it is of the utmost importance to ensure our clients are satisfied. To do so, we rely on teams of professionals, which is wonderful. Our clients can always depend on us to live up to our commitments and they can count on our eagerness, thoroughness, efficiency, competency, and enthusiasm.

The feedback we get after every project is confirmation we’ve succeeded in our goals.

6. What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to install a leak detection system in a co-ownership?

Look at the project from a global perspective. Consider the quality and reliability of the product but also every aspect that will have a long-term impact. After all, you want to make sure your system will remain relevant for years to come. Does it centralize notifications to a dedicated person or persons without needing the co-owners’ Wi-Fi?

7. What is the most frequently asked question you answer?

Will my insurer provide a discount once the leak detection system is installed?

I tell them that most insurance companies recognize AKWA* leak detection systems. We recommend clients tell each co-owner to directly contact their insurance company to notify them of the installation. Finally, they need to ask if this system results in a discount on their contents insurance and betterments insurance policies.

8. What are the main steps required to carry out a leak detection system installation project? What is the usual timeframe? What can help speed the process?

Condo association administrators know their co-ownerships inside out.

Statistics show that every condo association is facing the same risk of water damage in their buildings. However, the time needed to respond or integrate a project, from the initial phase to the completed installations, varies enormously from one condo association to the next. Generally, it will take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Obviously, condo associations affected by water damage in their building respond quickly to protect themselves while other associations wait until their insurers make it a pre-requisite!

I like comparing this issue to travel insurance. Once you’ve reached your destination, if you have a health problem it is unfortunately too late to purchase this kind of insurance. You need to pay out of your own pocket and you will have no negotiation power to obtain medical care.

To contact HydroSolution’s team dedicated to co-ownerships:

[email protected] or 1 877 326 0606 ext. 4228. We serve the following areas: Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau, Chicoutimi, Rimouski, Eastern Townships, Rouyn-Noranda


* Any reference to the only term “AKWA” means the water leak prevention and detection product “AKWA Technologies”, while any reference to the whole terms “AKWA Concierge” means another product from AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

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