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Peace of mind for condo association managers thanks to HydroSolution

We spoke with Armand Savoie, a condo association manager for Cité des Pionners phase 5 and a satisfied client of HydroSolution for the past few months.

Can you describe what your needs were?

As a condo association manager, I was looking for a solution to prevent leaks. Water damage can quickly turn into a nightmare and increase insurance premiums.

What was the solution?

After a bit of online research, I found HydroSolution’s AKWA Technologies water leak prevention and detection system. I was then put in contact with a representative named Annie Beaudoin. That’s how my relationship with HydroSolution began.

What were the benefits of choosing HydroSolution?

  1. First, trust. I immediately felt like they understood my needs.
  2. Second, their turnkey approach. From the quote, appointment, installation, post-sales service… everything was overseen by a team of dedicated experts.
  3. In closing, the system’s simplicity. The leak detection system is incredibly easy to manage. And it’s an approved product that is certified.

Would you recommend HydroSolution?

Absolutely! I felt like I had all the support I needed when the solution was being implemented. I also know that I can count on the entire HydroSolution team in the future with a support team that is available 24/7.

Did you know…

Up to 80% of water damage incidents are caused by a burst pipe inside condo units (2017)*?

A condo association’s insurance deductibles can easily exceed $50,000 in case of water damage*.

*According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada