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Simplify your life by renting your heat pump

Simplifiez-vous la vie avec la location de thermopompe

There are numerous advantages to renting a heat pump. If you’re still unsure if you should rent a heat pump, here is a table listing reasons why renting a heat pump can simplify your life and save you time.


Rental Purchase
Simple repairs If repairs are needed, renting a heat pump simplifies your life. In fact, the cost of repairs is included in the rental service. In case of a problem, HydroSolution will send a technician to diagnose and repair your equipment. With our rental service, you’ll benefit from simplified, cost-free repairs. If you’ve purchased your heat pump, you can call our experts if you need repairs. However, you’ll also be charged travel fees and hourly rates. The costs can quickly add up.
Stress-free regular maintenance Regular maintenance is essential for a heat pump. Our rental service includes maintenance every 3 years at no extra cost. If you’ve purchased your heat pump, you’ll need to spend time and resources finding specialists. This could cost between $200 to $300.
Easy to transfer when you move Renting a heat pump is easy and practical. It’s easy to transfer your lease or purchase the heat pump at its residual value when you move. You’ll also be benefiting from a flexible solution that is adapted to your needs. You’ll never have to worry about the financial impact of moving. You’ll lose your investment.
Simplified budget management It’s easy to manage your budget when you rent a heat pump. You’ll benefit from the same flat rate for 7 years, making it easy for you to monitor your expenses. If you purchased your heat pump, you’ll need to pay the device in one single installment and make sure you have the budget to pay for any unforeseen problems as well as repairs and maintenance.

Renting a heat pump is a smart choice that will simplify your life and save you time. You’ll benefit from free repairs and maintenance, leases that are easy to transfer when you move, and simplified budget management. In other words, renting a heat pump is a cost-effective, practical solution to enjoy a heat pump without any of the constraints associated with purchasing the equipment.

Not sure about your choice? You can compare The benefits of renting or buying a heat pump for more information.


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