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Taking action for sustainable development

In 1987, this awareness generated an all-new concept that has revolutionized the consumer world: sustainable development. Faced with this new era of thinking, many companies, like HydroSolution, have joined the movement and adapted their internal structure to reduce their ecological footprint while offering quality and sustainable products to customers.

Isabel St-Laurent, E-Commerce Brand Manager at HydroSolution, describes the ways HydroSolution is actively working towards sustainable development.

What drove HydroSolution to take part in the sustainable development movement?

Isabel St-Laurent: Sustainable development is at the core of our company’s values. We aim to do our part as a corporate citizen and we encourage meaningful actions that promote sustainable development. In an era where every little action counts, HydroSolution does everything it can to make sure its actions have a great impact.

For example, in addition to offering water heaters that are in line with the principles of sustainable development, we work closely with Hydro-Québec to promote the use of certified WaterSense® low-flow fittings because even the most seemingly common actions can have a great impact on the environment. Low-flow showerheads reduce water waste and allow consumers to save the equivalent of one tanker truck per year without jeopardizing their comfort. If we all do our share, together we can make a huge difference in our water consumption and reduce our ecological footprint.

How are your water heaters different from your competitors’ in terms of sustainable development?

ISL: First, HydroSolution is a 100% Quebec-owned company. Our water heaters are made right here in Quebec. This local production allows us to implement strict quality control procedures in the manufacturing of our products, so we can ensure their design maximizes the length of their useful life. We offer a high-quality product and are constantly improving our manufacturing procedures. For example, our tanks are equipped with a double-fired glass lining, which further protects the tank against corrosion. We also use eco-friendly insulation known as Greenfoam on the outer tank, which reduces heat loss and saves electricity.

In addition to controlling the quality of our water heaters’ production, we also control the quality of their installation to provide excellent long-term performance for our customers. We also dispose their old tanks ecologically.

We are proud to provide our customers with a local product that respects the three pillars of sustainability: society, environment, and economy. Socially, our company creates jobs by keeping the production right here in a local factory. Environmentally, we offer high-quality products with an extended life, and we take care of removing the old tanks to recycle them. And finally, economically, we make sure to offer our customers competitive prices.

How do you dispose of and recycle your customers’ old water heaters?

ISL: HydroSolution will remove customers’ old water heater when installing a new one to ensure it won’t end up in a landfill. The recycled water heater is then transformed and recycled into everyday objects, like hammers, corkscrews and even bicycles. Every year, we dispose of and recycle more than 2,000 metric tons of metal.

In other words, you were able to set up a sustainable development strategy that allows your customers to choose an eco-friendly option when buying a water heater?

ISL: Yes, and we’re very proud of this. Our company cares about the quality of our products and their installation, and we are committed to providing our customers with a professional service while doing our part to help our planet.