Maintaining your water heater

Answers to frequently asked questions

A few tips for maintaining your water heater

At what temperature should I set my water heater?

The recommended temperature for your water heater is 60 degrees Celsius. To prevent bacteria from forming inside the tank, the temperature of your water heater should never drop below 50 degrees Celsius.

Do I need to insulate my water heater with a thermal blanket to save energy?

Thermal blankets were useful in the 1980s, but tank insulation technologies have greatly evolved since then, making the use of thermal blankets unnecessary.

What purpose does the bottom cold water inlet serve on my HydroSolution water heater?

To increase energy efficiency, the cold water enters the tank from the bottom and is then heated by the bottom element. This feature ensures that the cold water does not cool down the rest of the tank water as it would by entering the top of the water heater (providing 10% more hot water). This technology also reduces the accumulation of sediment at the bottom of the tank.

Does the water heater’s relief valve need to be maintained?

It is recommended to manually activate the relief valve once a year to eliminate tartar buildup in this valve and to ensure it continues to properly function.

Should I drain my electric water heater? And If so, why?

Only if your water heater is supplied by a well system and if your water is hard or ferrous. If your water comes from a municipal water supply, the answer is no, unless the water in your area is particularly hard.

What could render my water heater’s warranty void?

The installation and repairs must be carried out by CMMTQ certified technicians in order for the warranties to remain valid. Otherwise, the warranty will be void.

My water heater is not electric. Is it possible to convert it?

Yes, it is possible as long as your water heater is installed in the same room as your electrical panel. Keep in mind however that this modification will incur additional costs. Please contact our customer service for more information by calling 1 877-353-0077.

What do I need to do before I work on my water heater?

Before you start, you must always cut off the water supply and electricity.

I’m a good handyman. What are the steps to regular water heater maintenance?

Check the condition of the anode and change it when necessary. Check the electrical resistance and change it when necessary. Descale the tank when necessary. Drain your tank every 2 to 3 years.