Order a water heater

How do I choose the right water heater?

Our superior quality water heaters are made exclusively for HydroSolution right here in Quebec. In addition to being eco-efficient, they come with a 10-year warranty against leaks. They’re available in two sizes: the 40-gallon water heater is ideal for households that don’t have a high water usage (one to three people) or for smaller spaces. Our 60-gallon water heater is a good option for homes with 3 people or more or for people who frequently take baths and use their dishwasher or washing machine several times a day.

What are the advantages of an electric water heater?

An electric water heater is easy to install and use. In fact, it’s the most popular type of water heater in Canada. It’s cost-effective and energy efficient, making it an excellent choice. Moreover, most of the electricity produced in Quebec comes from our immense water reserves, a renewable source of clean energy.

How big is an electric water heater?

To install a 40-gallon water heater, you’ll need a vertical clearance of 60 inches (152 cm) and a horizontal clearance of 24 inches (61 cm). For a 60-gallon water heater, you’ll need a vertical clearance of 72 inches (183 cm) and a horizontal clearance of 25.5 inches (65 cm).
You also need to keep in mind that the water heater must get from your front door to the location where it will be installed. Make sure the path is unobstructed to avoid damaging your furniture. For more information, visit https://www.hydrosolution.com/en/installation/

What is the difference between a 60-gallon ECOPEAK® water heater and a standard model?as

Unlike a regular dual-element water heater, the ECOPEAK® model includes three elements, each with a different wattage. That means the water is heated inside the tank more slowly and consistently throughout the day, resulting in fewer energy peaks.

The quality of an ECOPEAK® water heater, its life expectancy, and its reliability are similar to standard 60-gallon water heaters available from HydroSolution.

What is the Hilo smart water heater?

HydroSolution is the only provider of water heaters that are compatible with Hydro-Québec’s Hilo solution – our installation technicians are specifically trained to install Hilo water heaters. Thanks to HydroSolution, you can add an electric water heater to your Hilo smart home ecosystem, enabling you to manage your electric water heater’s energy use. This means less energy consumed during peak periods. It’s a safe solution that complies with public health measures implemented by the government of Quebec. For more information about the challenges issued by Hilo to optimize energy use, visit: https://www.hydrosolution.com/en/water-heater/hilo-solution/

HydroSolution has partnered with Hilo to provide Quebecers with the Hilo smart water heater solution that can be added to the Hilo smart home ecosystem. It is the only smart solution for water heaters with a pause function that complies with public health requirements implemented by the government of Quebec. For more information visit: https://www.hydrosolution.com/chauffe-eau/solution-hilo/

What warranties are available?

HydroSolution water heaters come with a 10-year warranty against tank leaks, an 8-year warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on labour. If you rent your water heater, the parts and labour are included.

What are the advantages of cold water entering from the bottom instead of the top of the tank?

HydroSolution’s water heaters are designed with a cold water entry in the bottom of the tank. That means the cold water does not come into direct contact with the hot water on the top of the tank – resulting in less energy use. You’ll get 10% more hot water than with a standard model where the cold water enters from the top.

What are the advantages of renting versus buying?

The decision to rent or purchase a water heater depends on your needs and your expectations. Renting comes with a turnkey service while purchasing can be a worthwhile investment. By choosing to rent, you’ll be able to benefit from a 24/7 repair service, 365 days a year (including bank holidays) at no extra cost. Moreover, we’ll replace your water heater for free at the end of its lifespan.

To find the option that suits you, visit:

How can I terminate my rental contract?

If you want to terminate your rental contract at any time, you can purchase the water heater at its residual value. You’ll simply need to send us a 30-day notice.

How long does the rental contract last?How long does the rental contract last?

A rental contract is for a minimum of 12 months. Once the minimum contract period has ended, the rental agreement will automatically renew every month with the same terms and conditions, unless one of the parties terminates the contract as per the modalities outlined therein. If you benefit from a promotional rate, the minimum contract period may be longer. It depends on the promotion.

How often should I replace my rented water heater?

A HydroSolution water heater’s lifespan is about 15 years. When you rent your water heater, we will replace it at the end of its lifespan – between the 13th and 16th year. If your insurance company requires you to replace your water heater after 10 years, if you live in a condo, or if you want a preventive replacement after the 10th year, you will have to choose Rental Plus. HydroSolution water heaters are unique and built to last longer.

Does the water heater belong to me once the rental contract period has ended?

A rented water heater remains the property of HydroSolution. You must comply with the terms set forth in the contract. You cannot sell the rented water heater to a third party or even remove it without notifying us. You can however purchase it at its residual value, in accordance with the rules set by HydroSolution.

What happens if I want to sell my house/condo?

Please notify us as soon as possible of any change in ownership. If you are selling your property, you must list the rented water heater in the seller’s declaration and deed of sale and inform the new owner they must comply with the conditions of the rental contract. The contract will then be transferred to the new owner. In case of a dispute, the former owner remains liable for meeting their obligations.

If I’m an owner, can I bill my tenant?

The monthly amount due must be paid by the owner or a third party they’ve named (with HydroSolution’s consent). The tenant or third party must sign a form stating they are responsible for the payment.

Why are your services not available in my area?

HydroSolution covers 95% of Quebec. Our teams are constantly working to expand our coverage.

Why can I not sign a contract with HydroSolution if I am the tenant?

Only owners are authorized to sign a rental contract. Your landlord will be able to name you as the party responsible for paying the monthly amount due.

I’m a client. Why can I not use the site to renew my purchase?

Our transactional site is currently only designed for new clients. We are working on expanding our online services.

What is a crawl space?

A crawl space is located between the ground and a home’s floor. It provides a space to put utility cables and acts as a buffer between the house and damp earth. If your water heater is installed in a crawl space, we will be in contact with you for more information.

Will there be additional costs incurred during the installation?

Your plumbing system must comply with Quebec’s Plumbing Code as well as your municipality’s regulations. Furthermore, your electrical panel must comply with Quebec’s Electrical Code.

Additional fees may be incurred (payable to installation technicians) for the following reasons:

  • The water valve needs to be replaced or installed
  • Raccordement du bac de rétention au drain de plancher
  • The drain pan needs to be connected to the floor drain
  • The electrical system needs to be updated
  • The water heater platform needs to be raised to safely connect the valve to the wall drain
  • Any change to the building’s plumbing system
Can I install my water heater anywhere I want?

The water heater must be installed in a location with sufficient space and near a wall or floor drain. The space must also be easily accessible for inspection, repairs, replacement, and removal. The space must not be in a condition that leads to accelerated aging or damage to the water heater’s components or tank. The room must also be heated.

What can I do to prepare for the installation?

You need to make sure the front of the water heater is unobstructed and the path between your entrance and water heater is clear. Make sure the electrical panel is easily accessible. Review your home’s regulations. Pets must be kept out of the way. Even though we love animals, some installation technicians may be uncomfortable around them. Furthermore, noise from the installation may distress your pet.

Here’s a tip to help you figure out how much space you’ll need: if you can roll an office chair from the truck to your water heater without any problems, the path is clear!

For more information, visit https://www.hydrosolution.com/en/installation/

What’s included in the installation?

HydroSolution’s experts will safely install your water heater and make sure it complies with the standards and regulations in force in Quebec. Installation includes:

  • A high-end HydroSolution water heater manufactured by Giant in Quebec
  • Vacuum relief valve to prevent siphoning
  • T&P valve in case of excessive temperatures and pressure
  • Discharge tube
  • Drain pan placed under the water heater (if there is enough space)
  • Removal of the old water heater and recycling of the raw materials
  • Connection of the drain valve to the existing discharge tube in compliance with applicable codes
  • Various parts such as pipe fittings
I am carrying out renovation work, can I move my water heater?

The owner can move the water heater at any time if they notify HydroSolution in writing before they undertake the work. The owner is responsible for all the costs associated with moving the water heater. Moving the water heater must be done by a certified technician as per your rental contract.

How long will I have to wait before my water heater is installed?

You will receive a call to schedule your appointment within 1 to 2 business days. Installation delays may vary in accordance with demand and periods of the year. On average, installation takes place within two weeks.

What modes of payment are accepted?

You can easily set up pre-authorized payments or visit your financial institution’s website. You can also log in to the Customer Centre and pay with a credit card.

How will I receive my bill?

You will receive a bill every two months. If you want to receive a paper bill, you will be charged an additional $1 every billing cycle. To avoid using paper needlessly, we encourage you to sign up to receive your bill electronically, at no extra cost, in the Customer Centre. No bill will be sent by email – you will receive an email notifying you your bill is available in the Customer Centre.

When will I receive my first bill?

You will receive your bill within 30 days of the water heater being installed. You must pay the bill within 21 days of it being issued.

What is the Customer Centre?

It is a secure location where HydroSolution stores your personal information and information about your account.