Charging station for your electric vehicle

General questions about charging stations for electric vehicles


What is the difference between a level 1, level 2, and level 3 charging station?
The level 1 charging station for your electric vehicle uses a standard 120-volt – 15-amp outlet. A full charge takes 12 to 16 hours. The level 2 charging station uses a 240-volt (up to 30 amps) connection and its output varies between 5 to 9 kWh. It will take between 3 to 5 hours to charge an electric vehicle, which is quicker than a level 1 charging station. Finally, a level 3 charging station uses a 400-volt + 50-amp connection and its output may vary between 50kWh to 100 kWh.
I am a tenant, can I have an electrical vehicle charging station from HydroSolution?
Absolutely. However, because the charging station will be connected to the building, you should get the building owner to take care of the installation fees and arrange a refund agreement with them.
My tenant wants to install an electric vehicle charging station. How does that work?
Because the charging station will be connected to the building, HydroSolution recommends the owner takes care of the costs of the charging station. Please note that if your tenant ever leaves your building, your available (or shared) charging station will become an added value for future tenants.
Where in Quebec are your charging stations available?
HydroSolution covers nearly every region in Quebec. In fact, our network of certified electricians covers more than 95% of the province. Fill out an online quote form and an advisor will be in touch to confirm that our charging stations are available in your area.
Why do you only offer FLO electric vehicle charging stations?
HydroSolution has chosen FLO charging stations because they are the best in terms of durability, reliability, and performance. Furthermore, FLO charging stations are designed and made right here in Quebec, something that’s important to us.

Installation tips

How do I know if my home’s electrical configuration can handle an electric vehicle charging station?
Call 1 877 353 0077 and an advisor will help you assess your situation. After the evaluation, we’ll be able to let you know if any additional costs are required to update your electrical panel.
I live in a condo building. Can I get an electric vehicle charging station from HydroSolution?
In the past few months, numerous condo associations have had members who want to purchase electric vehicles. HydroSolution is already a major provider of water heaters and leak detection systems in condo buildings and now wants to be a key player to support condo associations and co-owners who want to install electric vehicle charging stations. For now, we are assisting co-owners who have been authorized by their condo association to install a charging station in an indoor parking spot with an accessible electrical panel. We are also providing our services to condo associations and their managers who have already hired an engineering firm or electrician entrepreneur to work on their electrical infrastructure. Simply fill out a request for an online quote (link) and we will be able to evaluate your situation, guide you to the right resources if work needs to be done before the installation, and ensure that your installation meets your needs. Condo owners and building managers may also benefit from subsidies offered by the Government of Quebec that could correspond to up 50% of eligible expenses, up to $5,000 per level 2 charging station. There are numerous steps and technical requirements involved when installing charging stations in a multi-unit residential building.
Are the charging stations installed by certified technicians?
HydroSolution only hires qualified entrepreneurs who are members in good standing with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) and who have an electrician’s licence (subcategory 16). Electricians who work for us are members of the Corporation des maîtres électriciens du Québec (CMEQ)
Does the installation come with warranties?
With 24- or 48-month financing, you’ll get a 4-year warranty on parts and labour. It’s the best warranty on the market. With a purchase, you’ll get a 3-year warranty on parts (cable and enclosure) and a 1-year warranty on labour.
If anything breaks, would you come to my home to repair my charging station?
If you’ve purchased your FLO electric vehicle charging station from HydroSolution, we’ll send a technician to repair it at no extra cost during the warranty period. After the warranty period expires, repair fees will apply.

If the charging station’s failure is not related to its installation, extra fees may apply.

Support in case of an emergency
1 (877) 353-0077
My electric vehicle charging station has stopped working. What can I do?
First make sure that a fuse in your electrical panel hasn’t blown. Check troubleshooting issues here or consult the manual you received when the charging station was installed. You’ll find answers to many questions. If your problem persists, please contact us by consulting the Support section.
What do I need to do to obtain my subsidy for my charging station?
HydroSolution’s FLO Home X5 and Flo Home G5 are both eligible for the Roulez vert program. Find more out more here.