Water heater with the ECOPEAK Technology

HydroSolution’s water heater with ECOPEAK® technology has a superior quality tank compared to water heaters sold in superstores thanks to its double-fired glass lining which improves its durability.


3 éléments

3 heating elements (3800 W/240 V on top, 3000 W/240 V in the middle and 800 W/240 V on the bottom).


Double-fired glass lining to improve durability and to prevent leaking and corrosion.


A responsible collective choice for reducing energy consumption at peak hours.


A unique design by Giant for HydroSolution.

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With the purchase of a water heater with ECOPEAK® technology


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Is a water heater with ECOPEAK® technology right for you?

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  • Proven Québec technology

    An appliance made and marketed in Québec, based on technology developed in Québec.

  • A reliable source of hot water

    It provides the same amount of water at the same temperature as a standard two-element water heater.

  • Comfort our customers love

    Nearly 90% of our customers are satisfied with this water heater and would recommend it to a friend.

  • Superior longevity and reliability

    Since the heating elements are less stressed than those of traditional models, our water heaters have superior reliability and longevity.

  • An effortless and responsible collective choice

    ECOPEAK® technology reduces the collective electricity demand during peak hours, such as mornings from 6 am to 9 am, and evenings from 4 pm to 8 pm.