You’re a tenant ?

Do you know what to do in case of equipment failure, leaking tank or any other problem related to the water heater in your dwelling? Here are some answers.

The water heater is a rental

If the water heater is a rental from HydroSolution, it’s covered by our 24/7 support service, which also includes holidays. All you have to do is inform the landlord of the problem and ask him or her to call HydroSolution’s repair service. You can also make the call yourself, depending on your relationship with the landlord.

The water heater belongs to the property owner

If the water heater is owned by the landlord, you must inform him or her of any problem related to the water heater so that he or she can take the appropriate measures to remedy the situation. You should also inform the landlord that HydroSolution repairs any water heater, regardless of its place of purchase. To reach HydroSolution’s customer service: 1 877-353-0077.

You’re moving?

If you’re moving, please be sure to inform HydroSolution of your new address and of the moving date. You can do this by calling 1 877-353-0077.

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