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Rental contract terms

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The water heater remains the property of HydroSolution for the duration of this rental contract.

Please contact us before you unplug, move, or uninstall the rented water heater, even in the case of an emergency. Our advisors our available 24/7 at 1 877 353-0077. HydroSolution will be able to help you at no extra cost.

Ignoring this guideline will result in the client being held responsible for any damage caused by the unplugging, moving, or uninstallation of a HydroSolution water heater.

If you would like to put an end to the rental contract before the end of the 5th year, HydroSolution will charge you $150 in eco-fees. This amount will be used to dispose of the water heater in an eco-friendly way. Unfortunately, water heaters cannot be reused.

Rental contract
Consult your rental contract for all the details of your rental agreement.

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