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3 Advantages of a Wall-Mounted Heat Pump That a Centralized System Cannot Provide

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Choosing the right temperature management system for your home is essential. There are differences to consider when choosing between a ductless wall-mounted heat pump and a centralized system. For example, a centralized system is more expensive and invasive, especially when not installed during the house’s construction. If you decide to install one in an existing home, you will have to plan to live on a small construction site for a while. A ductless wall-mounted heat pump may be a better choice because it offers more flexibility. So, what are the advantages of a wall-mounted heat pump?


Temperature control
The ductless wall-mounted heat pump allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the room where the unit is installed, regardless of the outdoor temperature. You can also program it to heat or cool your home at a specific time to limit energy consumption while you are away.

Improved energy consumption
Ductless wall-mounted heat pumps are highly energy-efficient systems and are known to be economical. They rely on efficient technology based on air circulation and directly distribute this air to heat or cool your rooms. To choose an energy-efficient heat pump, look for Energy Star-certified ones.

Lower costs and energy efficiency go hand in hand
Ductless wall-mounted heat pumps are cheaper to install than a central system, whose installation is more invasive. In addition, its lower installation costs, energy efficiency and ability to meet your needs will reduce your overall costs.

In conclusion, a ductless wall-mounted heat pump is a flexible, affordable and sustainable choice for controlling the ambient temperature of your home to ensure optimal comfort all year round. In addition, renting a heat pump is now possible. HydroSolution is the only company in Québec to offer this. Its turnkey service includes its installation by a certified refrigeration specialist and maintenance every three years, consisting of cleaning the filters and a complete visual inspection.

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