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Preventing water damage at every phase of a real estate project

Preventing water damage at every phase of a real estate project

Water leak detection is crucial for reducing the risks of water damage, and a system like AKWA Technologies can be integrated at any phase of a condominium’s lifecycle. A well-designed water alarm system considers the perspectives of various stakeholders depending on the project phase: engineers, builders, plumbers, property managers, insurers, and co-owners. To ensure the effectiveness of a water leak detection system at every phase of a condominium building’s life, here are some recommendations.

Design phase

During the design phase, the location of the main water intake valves must be carefully chosen to ensure easy access. If these valves are difficult to reach, it can complicate interventions in case of a leak. In large concrete or steel structures, the reliability of wireless notification systems is crucial. The use of LoRa technology, which enables long-range data transmission as integrated into AKWA Technologies systems, may be necessary to ensure stable and reliable communication.

Construction phase

During the construction phase, it is vital to monitor the risers of the plumbing to prevent costly damages. Installing motorized valves on the risers can reduce insurance costs and avoid expensive repairs. The main valves of private units should be ready for intelligent water management upon the building’s completion. It is also important to consider whether automatic closure of the main valves is necessary, especially in the absence of 24/7 monitoring. A centralized system, such as the one offered by AKWA Technologies, can monitor both common areas and private units, ensuring comprehensive and effective coverage. The automatic closure of valves is controlled via the AKWA Concierge app or through a presence detector.

Operation phase

During the operation phase, our team of certified experts install the AKWA Technologies system’s sensors and electronic components strategically, for example, behind toilets, under sinks, and beneath appliances. An accessible control panel with a display screen is also essential to allow real-time monitoring of the water leak detection system’s status. If you opt for a water leak detection system, our team will provide a complete training on the system and its options to the occupants and building managers to ensure optimal use.


Regarding building maintenance, it is recommended to regularly check the system’s components and replace the batteries every four to five years to ensure their proper functioning. AKWA Technologies systems are designed for easy and sustainable maintenance, thus ensuring continuous protection.


In conclusion, it is essential to evaluate the features and operational aspects of the condominium when choosing a water leak detection system. All stakeholders must thoroughly understand the integration, installation, and maintenance procedures of a versatile, adaptable, and scalable system. This enables the establishment of a robust risk management strategy, protects the building’s assets and ensures the safety and longevity of the condominium.

The AKWA Technologies system meets all the requirements of condominiums, and our team will support you throughout the process according to your needs. Enjoy a turnkey service from our representatives, exclusive volume offers and professional certified installation.


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