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How LoRa technology can help prevent water damage

Condo board members and managers know that when it comes to picking a water leak detection system, there are plenty of essential criteria and fine points to keep in mind. For instance, it’s important to ensure the communications network that will handle notifications is adapted to the building where the system will be installed. Why? Because this will help future-proof the system. The AKWA Technologies solution is built with LoRa technology which stands out thanks in part to its high range, its reliability, and its flexibility. This makes it a choice option to meet the specific needs of co-ownerships.

Even though most water alarm systems are designed to close the main water valve when they detect leaks, you still need to carefully evaluate the communications technology they use to find the one that’s adapted to your building. For instance, you should find out whether the system in question uses Wi-Fi, LoRa, or LTE/cellular, and whether it can continue monitoring and sending notifications in the event of a power outage. With this information in mind, you’ll be able to pick the technology that will safeguard your building and provide co-owners with real peace of mind.

There are several factors that can affect the efficiency of a water leak detection system’s communications network: the type of syndicate in charge of the co-ownership, the construction materials used (concrete, steel, wood, etc.), and the amenities in the building (elevators, garbage disposal chutes, gym, fire barriers, etc.). You also need to consider the proportion of renters as well as the turnover rate (sales and moves). Why? Because this will impact the reliability of the network, the post-sales service, and the process of transferring the system to new occupants. In other words, you need to understand the constraints involved when picking the best communications infrastructure for your co-ownership.

Moreover, co-ownerships need a water alarm system that guarantees a foolproof communication between the sensors and controller to prevent and detect leaks. Look for a system that immediately responds to the situation without relying on external networks such as Wi-Fi or cellular. The controller must also be connected to a network (cellular, Wi-Fi, LoRa, etc.) to send notifications and transmit outgoing information to the representatives of the co-ownership (by email, text, or on an app).

An LTE/cellular network may be less reliable in concrete and metal structures (especially garages and underground spaces), resulting in uneven coverage. Wi-Fi for its part, allows you to extend the range of the signal to cover several floors but if the network stops working, every device will be disconnected. That’s why LoRa technology is the ideal solution for co-ownerships. It’s also a wise investment that will help you benefit from the powerful, reliable, and flexible solution you need.

What sets LoRa technology apart

AKWA Technologies is built with LoRa technology, a robust solution for monitoring water leaks. It is a reliable, independent wireless signal with an interference-free range of 12 km – an essential feature for multi-residential buildings. By installing a LoRa controller connected to a central panel in each unit, the system will be able to collect and transmit information from every unit. That means increased peace of mind in the case of a disaster, whether you’re on the premises or elsewhere.

This infrastructure is designed to centralize network management with a single Wi-Fi network for the entire building, generally the one managed by the syndicate. This makes it easier to transmit information from the LoRa receiver to each co-owner’s app, to the AKWA Concierge app used by board members, or even by text or email. The app is built to make the post-sales service easier for all co-owners and relieve managers and board members of the task of having to configure their water alarm system.

LoRa technology is a centralized, superior solution adapted to the specific needs of co-ownerships. It allows the sensors, controllers, and management platform to efficiently communicate, allowing for real-time monitoring of alerts and state of the system. In sum, it’s a better way to prevent potential leaks.

To help protect your building from water damage, partner with HydroSolution today. You’ll benefit from a turnkey service, preferential rates, and a team dedicated to delivering unmatched customer service.

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