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Building trust between co-owners thanks to AKWA Technologies

The risk of disasters caused by water leaks is always a source of worry for condo managers, condo associations, and co-owners. To ensure peace of mind and a good relationship between co-owners, all parties involved must feel protected from potential incidents and in control of components that may impact the building.

A leak detection system is an efficient solution to monitor and preserve the value of your infrastructure. With HydroSolution, you’ll not only benefit from the AKWA technology – one of the best leak prevention and detection systems on the market – you’ll also be doing business with an expert management and installation team with more than six years of experience with the AKWA* system. You can rest assured you’ll receive the most personalized support during every phase of your project.

Ms. Ginette Drolet, President of the DeVinci condo association, benefitted from the expertise of HydroSolution support through one of our major account representatives. She shares her experience.

Hydro-Solution: a trustworthy partner

Doing business with HydroSolution has many advantages because it has become a leader in installing water heaters in condo units. Ms. Drolet’s first experience with HydroSolution in 2017 “was a success” – the company was mandated with replacing all the water heaters in her condo building. That’s why she knew she could trust HydroSolution and the AKWA* leak detection system.

“Due to numerous damaging water leaks, one out of three insurers did not want to insure us and told us to get back in touch with them if we installed a leak detection system. We wanted to be proactive so we naturally contacted HydroSolution in 2021 when we were choosing which leak detection system to adopt.”

A team of professionals by your side

From the moment you call us to the installation of the solution and beyond, our team will be with you every step of the way. “Our representative called us back very quickly to present the AKWA* system. We greatly appreciated his availability and flexibility because we had to schedule a few board meetings, which isn’t always easy to do. The representative even agreed to present the system to co-owners during our annual general assembly. It’s such a relief to do business with a reliable, reputed company such as HydroSolution and their attentive representatives.”

The benefits of the AKWA* system

The AKWA* system includes many features and programming options. Here are some of the ones Ms. Drolet deemed essential for her condo building:

  1. The option to receive a notification each time an alarm occurs in the condo building. It was important for her to keep a log of alarms to ensure that co-owners maintain their plumbing network and wastewater disposal system.
  2. A system that is easy to understand and use.
  3. The option to finance the project to prevent co-owners from having to pay the total amount in one lump sum.

Looking for professional support that meets your high expectations? Want to do business with an organization renowned for the availability of its representatives, ability to soundly plan installations, andreputationfordeliveringontime? Take Ms.Drolet’s advice and trust our water heater and leak detection system experts.

Call our Service Condo team today and benefit from their support to meet the needs of your condo association: 1 877 0606, ext. 4228 or


* Any reference to the only term “AKWA” means the water leak prevention and detection product “AKWA Technologies”, while any reference to the whole terms “AKWA Concierge” means another product from AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

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