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The AKWA Concierge system: giving you an overview of your units

AKWA technologies, only available through HydroSolution in Quebec, is a smart, secure, and powerful system that allows you to detect water leaks and thereby avoid costly damage. It also comes with AKWA Concierge, a platform that delivers peace of mind for condo association managers. Here’s how it works.

AKWA Concierge is a centralized platform for homeowners, real estate managers, and building owners. It is available via a web application that lets you access and manage leak detection sensors remotely. You can also use the AKWA Concierge app from your computer, smartphone, or tablet and it’s compatible with both iOS and Android. In case of a leak or an incident with the sensors, batteries, or shut-off valve, you’ll be notified by text and email.

AKWA Concierge stands out from other platforms available on the market thanks to its centralized management dashboard where you can monitor the state of every sensor in every unit. That means condo association managers and board members can easily monitor their building and quickly intervene in the case of a water leak! Moreover, the app can also produce event reports to help you assess your return on investment while ensuring your systems are functioning as they should. It only takes a few clicks to get the reports you can use during a meeting of co-owners or to determine what steps to take to remedy incidents that occur frequently. You’ll have a better picture of your assets and the ability to produce reports for your insurance company.

You’ll also be able to see if the systems in the units are connected properly. LoRa (low frequency/high range) technology delivers an independent, reliable signal that has a range of 12 kilometres without interference. The system can therefore operate without the Wi-Fi of co-owners or tenants.

Finally, the application is easy to use and install. It is designed to help you save time and money.

Want to find out more about AKWA technologies and the Concierge platform? Contact our team at [email protected].

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