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3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Installing a Ductless Wall-Mounted Heat Pump

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Installing a ductless wall-mounted heat pump can offer you many advantages. You only have to remember the heat waves of the past summers. Heat waves are, in fact, becoming more and more frequent in Québec. Therefore, a heat pump could bring you the comfort you need while helping you save energy all year long. At HydroSolution, our heat pumps are available for buying or renting to help you benefit from these devices no matter your budget. But before you take action, answer the following questions.


  1. What are your needs?
    A simple but essential question: look at the space you are looking to regulate. Is it the equivalent of a room, a floor or a house? Unlike a central system, a heat pump allows you to target your needs according to the spaces you want to cover. You could simply cool a room that faces south while keeping the rest of the house at ambient temperature.
  2. Does my electric panel have the capacity to power a heat pump?
    It is important to consult a certified electrician to determine if your electric panel can supply the additional energy required by a heat pump. The electrician will be able to make the necessary changes to your electric panel to meet your needs and current standards.
  3. Should my heat pump be equipped with inverter technology?
    This feature allows you to control the compressor’s rotation speed and has multiple advantages: it keeps the ambient temperature steady, it operates silently, it extends the unit’s service life, and it saves significant energy.

Being well prepared and taking the time to get informed is essential to meet your needs adequately. There are many things to consider, like your home’s space and electric system, as well as great features, like the quiet operation of inverter technology.

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