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4 good reasons to choose a heat pump

Want your home to be equipped with a more efficient heating and AC system? Hesitating between several options but interested in a wall-mounted heat pump? Here are four good reasons to install this kind of device in your home.

  1. A heat pump is designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, year-round. Find out in details how a heat pump works.
  2. Unlike a regular AC system, a heat pump is also designed to provide heat in the winter. In fact, our models will heat your home in outdoor temperatures as low as -26 °C (Performance series) and -15 °C (Comfort series).
  3. Because a heat pump can produce up to three times more heat than an electric baseboard, you’ll be saving a substantial amount of money on your heating costs. A heat pump is also a low-cost way to cool your home in the summer. See how your heat pump could lower your electricity bill.
  4. A heat pump can improve the air quality in your home. In the summer, it acts as a dehumidifier by getting rid of excess moisture in the air and in the winter, it helps control your home’s humidity levels.

Convinced that a heat pump is the device that’s right for you?

Visit our heat pumps section, discover our offers and choose the model that will meet your needs.

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