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Charging stations and the winter: what you need to know

When electric vehicles first became available in Quebec, many wondered how they would fare in our winter climate. Even if these worries have dissipated over time, the fact remains that making sure your charging station can deliver an optimal charge during the winter will give you peace of mind in the long run. And the key to a quick, full charge at home is a level 2 charging station.

An optimal charge for a reliable electric vehicle

During the winter, the cold weather can alter an electric vehicle’s autonomy. In fact, drivers will notice a significant difference between the kilometers driven and displayed. This is due in part to the vehicle’s heating system and traction in the snow. You should keep in mind that your vehicle could perform at only 50%. That means that a 30-km journey will require a 60-km range in the winter months.

Cold might also affect your charging time. When it’s very cold, the charging time may be longer. A level 1 charging station, which may take up to 24 hours to fully charge the battery, may take significantly longer in January and February. Because it takes less time to charge a vehicle, a level 2 charging station may be an ideal solution.

A warm battery will shorten the charging time so you should plug your vehicle in right away after a long journey.

Choosing a charging station adapted to our harsh Quebec winters

In addition to choosing a charging station that’s compatible with your vehicle, you need to pick one that is designed to withstand Quebec’s winters. HydroSolution offers clients several models including FLO G5 and FLO X5 level 2 charging stations that are designed and manufactured right here in our beautiful province.

FLO charging stations are an ideal solution for our winters because they are adapted to our climate. Here’s a summary of their main characteristics:

  • FLO charging stations were tested for use in temperatures varying between -40°C and 50°C. Even when it’s very cold, the charging time is still 80% quicker than with a level 1 charging station.
  • The aluminum enclosure resists the cold and does not rust in the snow, rain, or ice.
  • The smart charging feature monitors the device’s energy consumption to prevent incidents such as power surges.

There is no doubt about it: calling upon HydroSolution to purchase or lease a level 2 charging station means you’ll have peace of mind with equipment adapted to our local climate so you can get the most out of your electric vehicle any time of the year!

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