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How do you figure out what size heat pump you need?

It is essential to understand that having the most expensive device on the market does not necessarily mean it's the best suited product for your home. In order to ensure optimal comfort all year long, you need to choose a heat pump that will be able to cool and heat your home in the most efficient way. The key is to determine the right BTU size for your needs. There are so many models available on the market today that this can be a difficult step.

That’s why you need to make sure that the number of BTUs is enough to cover your entire home. How do you determine how many BTUs you need? Simply determine the square footage of your home, multiply by 10, and then round up the number to the closest BTU size.

For instance, if your home measures 28 feet by 36 feet, you’ll need 12,000 BTUs.

Here’s how this works:

28 ft. x 36 ft. = 1,008 sq. ft.
1,008 x 10 = 10,080

Round up to 11,000

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