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HydroSolution’s proactive approach to helping co-ownerships manage water heaters

It can be a time-consuming task for condo board members and managers to respond to the myriad requests of their building’s co-owners. To help them take on this challenge, a co-ownership in Pierrefonds decided to entrust HydroSolution with the mandate of replacing all the building’s water heaters. As a result, the co-ownership’s managers enjoyed peace of mind, allowing them to focus on projects that are more strategic and profitable.

Find out more about the process involved by reading this article by the Pierrefonds co-ownership syndicate.

Step 1 – Managing needs and requesting a quote

“We received a detailed quote very quickly. After speaking with [HydroSolution] on the phone, a plumber conducted a pre-visit inspection to assess our co-ownership’s needs. A sales representative then gave us a personalized quote that we shared with all co-owners.”

Whether you visit our website, get in touch with us by phone, or email us to get a quote to replace your water heater, the process is a no-obligation, quick one. Once you contact HydroSolution, a representative will be assigned to your file and will be able to answer your questions and support you at every step of the project.

Step 2 – Appointments and installation

At this stage, HydroSolution’s sales representative sends the co-ownership manager a survey that co-owners can fill out to indicate whether they are interested in taking part in the group replacement project. The manager is the one to transfer this document to co-owners, guaranteeing private information remains confidential. Once the survey filled out, the sales representative coordinates the appointments and installation for co-owners who are interested in having their water heater replaced. In other words, HydroSolution takes care of it all.

“The water heaters were replaced by CMMTQ-certified installation technicians. The process was smooth and in line with each co-owner’s expectations. Some water heaters were even installed on a Saturday to accommodate special requests.

Step 3 – Billing and warranties

“Because many co-owners were interested in getting their water heaters replaced, we were able to benefit from a very advantageous group rate. Every co-owner received their own bill, we didn’t need to do anything. Everything is designed to make the process as easy as possible. Moreover, the warranties available met our insurer’s demands: 10 years against leaks, 10 years on elements and thermostats, and 1 year on the labour.”

We want to make managing the process simple: every co-owner has the choice of either renting or purchasing their water heater. And by taking part in a group replacement, you can benefit from lower rates. The syndicate can also choose to receive one single bill or ask us to send an individual bill to each co-owner. Finally, because of our superior warranties, our water heaters are recognized by nearly all insurers for their extended lifespan. That means one less thing for you to worry about.

Step 4 – Post-sales follow-ups

“The service we received included the delivery of a post-installation log for our own records and insurance purposes.”

Clients who rent their appliance will be contacted after 10 years to benefit from an automatic replacement at no extra cost. Peace of mind guaranteed.



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