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Ms. HydroSolution: Annie Beaudoin, Sales Manager Serving Co-Ownership Properties for Over 9 Years

Annie Beaudoin, directrice des ventes, comptes majeurs

Paying tribute to Annie Beaudoin, who has worked incessantly over the past years to ensure co-ownership properties operate smoothly through her role as a sales manager of the major accounts department at HydroSolution.

Who is Annie Beaudoin? 

Deeply invested in her role as a sales manager at HydroSolution, Annie goes beyond the products and services she offers. She is a key resource committed to providing an excellent service to co-ownership properties in Québec. 

Every time she meets managers, syndicates of co-owners or business partners, Annie raises some thought-provoking questions about co-ownership issues. Working toward a solution, she offers everyone the most reasonable, sustainable and profitable options. Annie’s energy is infectious, and her work ethic is outstanding. Available to attend meetings, co-owners or shareholders assemblies, and to participate in webinars or podcasts, she always finds the right words to guide co-ownership properties and share her wealth of experience.

What is her professional experience at HydroSolution?

Nine years ago, when she started as a sales representative at HydroSolution, Annie Beaudoin mainly dealt with water heater replacement projects. Then, a few years later, she managed those involving water leak detection systems. After a few years and many accomplishments later, she became the sales team leader. So, with the collaboration of a sales representative team, she serves the different regions of Québec (the greater Montréal and Québec City regions, as well as Gatineau, Trois-Rivières, Charlevoix and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean). 

What inspires Annie Beaudoin?

She loves to offer a tailored service that meets the specific needs of each of her various clients: co-owners, owners and tenants, co-ownership managers, real estate investors and builders. Her service is thought out and designed to save time and deliver personalized and well-structured service to everyone. Moreover, the expertise that HydroSolution has developed through the installation of thousands of water heaters and AKWA Technologies water leak detection systems allows her to always offer her clients the best.

What experience can her clients expect? 

Annie and her team offer support throughout each step of the project: from carrying out the inspection, gathering the relevant information, presenting the customized quote, completing the installations and invoicing. She takes the time needed to plan the project with her teams to alleviate the burden on the co-owners and the projects agents. Expect clear communication throughout each step to ensure a smooth operation.

Some Advantages

  • Appointment scheduling with the co-owners by the HydroSolution team, via email and phone
  • Central or individual billing
  • Project financing depending on certain criteria
  • Experienced installation partners throughout Québec
  • Clients who have done business with HydroSolution gave a satisfaction rating of more than 97%

How important are human relations for Annie and HydroSolution?

Human values are fundamental within the HydroSolution team, both for the employees and the clients. Supported by her team of representatives, Annie prioritizes listening, understanding and support, all of which are at the core of her business decisions. She is proud of her team of representatives, who are true builders of lasting and meaningful human relationships.

What is her best advice?

She not only likes to give advice tailored to her clients current needs, but she also works toward long-term objectives to take the workload off the shoulders of the managers, board of directors and syndicate of co-owners. To do this, she offers guidance to those involved in the project so they can have the necessary safeguards and trust in the quality of the projects execution. Her best advice? Be more proactive when managing co-ownership properties by immediately investing in the necessary costs rather than waiting for problems to arise. This good management practice, among other things, will reduce insurance premium costs, substantially protect the condo unitsvalue, and preserve the buildings condition. It is an excellent return on investment to make. Another good piece of advice: see the expense as an investment because it is one! Think long-term, even if it means increasing the budget a little more today. You need to ensure the long-term operability of the initial installations, so the after-installation period is just as important as the project itself! The return on investment is worth the cost. You invest now and save in the long run! Annie promotes the preventive replacement of water heaters and the installation of AKWA Technologies water leak detection systems, which provide a global view of possible water leaks in all condo units.

How important is sustainable development at HydroSolution? 

At HydroSolution, we are committed to achieving sustainable development and hope to become key actors in Québec’s energy transition. We are socially involved in the community, and the well-being of our employees and our partners is just as important. Giant‘s water heaters are manufactured locally (Montréal plants) and are designed exclusively for us. We select superior-quality products that offer an extended service life, which, in turn, reduces overconsumption and waste at the source. When we install a new water heater, we collect the old water heater, regardless of the brand. Instead of sending it to a landfill, we recover some materials like steel, copper, and brass, giving them a second life.  


To contact Annie Beaudoin and her team:

Telephone: 514-326-0606 or 1 877-326-060, extension 4228

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