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Myths and facts about HydroSolution water heaters

3 myths

We are not plumbers

In Quebec, water heaters in condo buildings and single-family dwellings must be installed by someone who is certified as per the Master Pipe-Mechanics Act. In fact, contractors who specialized in plumbing and heating need to be a member of the Corporation of Master Pipe-Mechanics of Québec (Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec in French, or CMMTQ) to replace water heaters. To this end, HydroSolution only partners with installation technicians who are certified CMMTQ contractors. For specific needs, such as those required by our AKWA leak detection system, our own plumbers will take care of the installation process because the system is installed on the client’s main water entry. In other words, our company is able to count on numerous resources and skillsets to cover all our customers’ needs.

We do not offer a purchase option

HydroSolution always provides clients with the choice to rent (monthly) or purchase their water heater. This ensures our customers can find the solution that best meets their needs. In a condo building, where water leaks occur frequently, knowing the water heater will be replaced preventively delivers peace of mind. Moreover, we will work with your condo administrator or board of directors to produce the change log.

Water heaters available from HydroSolution are the same ones sold in hardware stores

HydroSolution’s water heaters are unique and produced exclusively for our company by Giant in their Montreal factory. Our water heaters are made with a double-fired lining and an oversized magnesium anode to protect against water corrosion. This means our water heaters have a superior lifespan over other products available on the market. Our water heaters are also designed with a cold water entry from the bottom, which results in 10% more hot water and a lower electricity bill! We’ve been in business for nearly 65 years, and no one installs as many water heaters as we do. Furthermore, we are now a provider of the Hilo smart solution for water heaters.


3 facts

We have a very low carbon footprint for our industry

HydroSolution cares deeply about the environment. We always favour locally made products and have implemented a procurement policy to this effect. We also strive to reduce our ecological footprint. Furthermore, our employees’ well-being comes first at every step of the business process.

Our water heaters are made near you

Yes, our water heaters are made in Giant’s manufacturing plant in Montreal.

We offer the best water heater in Quebec

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