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Our tips to help you select the right leak detection system

Did you know that water leaks are the number one cause of damage and home insurance claims in multi-unit residential buildings in Quebec? In fact, their number has more than doubled in the past decade. Furthermore, the pandemic has exacerbated delays in repairs which directly affects building maintenance as well as the lives of those affected. In partnership with AKWA Technologies, one of the leading water detection systems on the market, HydroSolution can provide you with a solution that is safe and can be installed on every water point of entry in a building.

When you’re searching for leak detection technology, you need to choose a solution that can control all the systems in the building. Refrigerators with water dispensers, washing machines, dishwashers… the more devices that use water, the greater the risk of a leak. The AKWA* system is installed on each point of entry and will immediately notify you if a leak occurs and shut off the unit’s main water valve. Moreover, with the AKWA* leak detection system, you can monitor the state of every device connected – throughout the building – in real time using the discreet wall-mounted panel or the mobile app. Our application can even shut off valves remotely in case you forget or if it detects a leak! The system is also designed to send alerts to co-owners and to the condo association to ensure optimal communications. Whether you have Wi-Fi or not, these alerts can efficiently prevent disasters and provide peace of mind for everyone in the building.

HydroSolution offers an unrivaled turnkey service. We’ll carry out a pre-visit with the condo board in order to determine the building’s specific needs, explain the system in detail, and offer a quote. We’ll also provide all the information necessary to answer questions during general assemblies. When it comes to leak detection systems, be wary of hidden fees or extra maintenance costs! Our AKWA* system offers annual follow-ups, and our qualified employees are always available to provide support after the system has been installed. When you call us, you’ll be directly connected to a qualified technician who can help you with any questions you have.

In this context of labour shortage and global supply chain disruptions, you need to make sure the company you choose has the resources they need to undertake every phase of the project. HydroSolution can provide multiple installations in the same building. They can even replace water heaters and install AKWA* leak detection systems in one single visit. And we make the billing process simple. The bill can be sent to the condo association, or we can set up a billing process for each individual co-owner, thereby alleviating the tasks of busy condo managers.

No one likes unpleasant surprises, so make sure the quote process takes into account all your needs. HydroSolution’s rates include plumbing, installation, access to the mobile app, and training for co-owners. Our turnkey service is unparalleled, and we’ll be there for you before, during, and after the installation!

* Any reference to the only term “AKWA” means the water leak prevention and detection product “AKWA Technologies”, while any reference to the whole terms “AKWA Concierge” means another product from AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

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