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Sustainable Development Lies at the Core of Our Concerns

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Contributing as a corporate citizen is part of HydroSolution’s DNA. The company has been actively working on a sustainable development plan for years. In this era where even the smallest gesture counts, we are doing everything we can to ensure our actions have the greatest impact.

Long-lasting and energy-efficient water heaters

Built-to-last HydroSolution water heaters are equipped with eco-friendly Greenfoam insulation, significantly reducing heat loss. Talk about an efficient way to save electricity.

Our water heaters are entirely made in Québec and fit into the circular economy. HydroSolution is proud to provide its clients with a local product that respects the three core areas of sustainability (social, environmental and economical) by creating jobs, recycling waste materials, and offering competitive prices.

An efficient recycling program

When you decide to buy a HydroSolution water heater, you can rest assured that it won’t end up in a landfill. It will follow a very specific path of metal recovery, where it will be recycled into everyday objects. Your old water heater could become a hammer, a corkscrew, or even a bicycle: the possibilities are endless! Thanks to our program, 2,000 metric tons of metal are recycled each year.

Let’s put an end to water waste

The province of Québec is known for having one of the largest supplies of fresh water in the world. The AKWA Technologies water leak detection system is also part of our goal to achieve sustainable development. Water damage results in large amounts of water waste, not to mention the needless replacement of building materials. Do you want to do your part to protect your home while helping to preserve the planet? Consider the AKWA Technologies system. No more water waste! As a bonus, since it’s a Québec-made product, you will contribute to job creation and local purchasing.

Our employees’ well-being and our community involvement

The well-being of our employees and business partners is our top priority. In addition to working for the satisfaction of a job well done, we strive to make society better. This year, the HydroSolution team helped collect 1.2 tons of waste during its volunteer day. In addition, we have donated several water heaters to the Auberges du cœur foundation, which supports struggling or homeless young adults. These are just a few examples we are proud to share with you.


To learn more, visit our sustainability section.

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