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Testimonials about the AKWA Technologies leak detection system: an efficient tool to prevent water leaks in condo buildings

Two condo association managers share their experience with the Testimonials about the AKWA Technologies leak detection system an efficient tool to prevent water leaks in condo buildings installed in their buildings.

What were your primary concerns before installing a leak detection system?

Pierre: Prior to implementing the system, several co-owners had suffered costly water damage. The only way to prevent our insurance premiums from going up was to install a leak detection system.

Pierre Desforges
Former board director
Domaine André-Grasset Phase 1, Montréal – 59 co-owners

Pierre Desforges

Marc: Human neglect caused several water damage incidents. Because the cost of most of these incidents did not exceed the deductible, we were worried that our insurer would increase our $25,000 deductible.

Marc Bourcier
Ex-président du conseil d’administration
Former board director
Boulevard de Chenonceau, Laval – 134 buildings

Marc Bourcier

How did the HydroSolution team stand out for you during the call for tenders process?

Pierre: Having already worked with HydroSolution to replace water heaters certainly helped us make our decision. The HydroSolution team, especially the representative assigned to our file, stood out once again because they were available to answer our many questions and clearly explained the costs of the project. This allowed us to fully understand the solution proposed.

Marc: To ensure everyone was able to make an informed decision, HydroSolution presented their offer to our panel of co-owners. The fact that they offered a turnkey service and that their team would take care of the plumbing, configuration and technical support swayed the decision in their favour. Moreover, the costs were reasonable and HydroSolution has an excellent reputation when it comes to water leak detection systems.

What features of the AKWA Technologies leak detection system were of particular interest to you and how do they compare to what competitors offer?

Pierre: Even though some features are common to all leak detection systems, AKWA Technologies leak detection system comes with easy-to-use sensors and software, remote access for each co-owner, as well as simplified billing and payment methods.

Marc: The AKWA Technologies leak detection system made a great impression thanks to how easy it is to manage alarms via the AKWA Concierge app. It also offers a responsive customer service. Both of these aspects were major advantages for our condo syndicate. Moreover, each co-owner can pay their invoice directly to HydroSolution and our board can take advantage of the option of spreading out payments.


How did the system benefit the condo and its residents?

Pierre: Put simply, no leaks have been detected. Obviously, co-owners had to get used to opening and shutting their water valves when leaving for a few days. But after a period of adjustment, managers were able to truly benefit from peace of mind.

Marc: Fewer losses, which has reassured our residents when they go on vacation. We were also able to maintain our insurance deductible at $25,000 which really helped us find an insurer.

How did co-owners react to the new system?

Pierre: The comments about the system, and especially the excellent service provided by HydroSolution’s sales director, have been very positive.

Marc: Co-owners say the AKWA Technologies leak detection system is extremely efficient. When a leak is detected, the main water valve is quickly shut off. That makes it easy to find the leak and quickly fix it without causing any major damage.

What advice would you give to a condo association manager who is thinking about undertaking a similar project?

Pierre: First, it’s important to evaluate the needs of the co-ownership and the individual co-owners. You need to understand how the new system works and make sure co-owners know why a particular system was chosen and what steps were taken to come to that decision. Finally, you need to provide targeted training to prevent any apprehensions regarding the new system.

Marc: In my opinion, you need to make sure that co-owners are aware of the options available and the advantages of a leak detection system. The risk of seeing the insurance premium increase in case of a loss is also an important point that needs to be discussed.

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