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The advantages of an electric water heater

A problem-free, no-maintenance residential water heater. An electric water heater is so simple that it’s now the most common type of water heater in Canada.

The simple water heater

Easy to install, requiring no ventilation or maintenance, and it takes up very little space.

A cost-effective option

Electric water heaters are usually less expensive than other types of water heaters and they require no fuel to operate.

Energy efficiency

Electric water heaters are known for their energy efficiency.

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Hot water availability

Electric water heaters are designed to maintain their temperature and provide hot water all the time. Obviously, the water heater’s insulation has a direct impact on the temperature inside the tank.

Energy source

Electricity in Quebec is cheaper than anywhere else in North America. To operate, all your electric water heater needs are electricity and water.

Points to consider

The supplier’s warranties, the water heater’s technical features, the service contract, the installation and the company’s business hours, the safety equipment such as the pressure relief valve and the drain pan, the cold water entry, the different tank sizes offered, etc.

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Evaluate your
household water consumption

Low to average
Members of your household take up to 4 showers or 2 baths every day, you wash your clothes with cold water, and you run the dishwasher every 3 days.

Members of your household take more than 4 showers or 3 baths every day, you wash your clothes with hot water, and you run the dishwasher every day.