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The AKWA Technologies leak detection system: HydroSolution’s Annie Beaudoin answers your questions

As a condo association administrator, you know how important it is to constantly monitor the risks of leaks in your building and prevent water damage that can occur at any moment. In fact, water is one of the main causes of building damage in Quebec. Today, we’ll be sharing the benefits of installing a leak detection system in your condo.

Annie Beaudoin, Sales Director at HydroSolution, has the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the topic. She’s an expert on the AKWA Technologies leak detection system, which is only available at HydroSolution and the best product on the market.

Q1: What support services can you provide co-owners?

First, a meeting with the condo association’s board of directors is held to clarify needs and gain an in-depth understanding of the situation. This also allows our team to highlight the reasons why coowners should install a leak detection system in their unit. Board members are usually well aware of the costs of insurance but that isn’t the case for all co-owners. That’s why it’s important to start the process on the right food by outlining what the board needs to convince co-owners to install a leak detection system in each unit.

Because the product is renowned for its efficiency and simplicity of use, it’s easy to explain the benefits that come with this kind of system. But we don’t just sell a product to a condo association, we guide the entire installation process and provide support every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure the project is a success and that everyone’s investment is protected. To this end, our dedicated team is able to answer any questions throughout the process.

Q2: What are the benefits of the AKWA* system compared to other brands?

Our technology was created in 2014 and to date, we’ve installed more than 4,000 leak detection and prevention systems in the province.

There are many advantages to using our solution! We always provide a turnkey service to coowners which includes help for the logistics of coordinating meetings and schedules, setting up individual invoices if needed, and issues related to plumbing. We’ll also take care of the installation and programming the sensors. HydroSolution’s teams can also train users on how to use the system if required.

The system itself is simple to use and operate. The control panel will show everything the client needs to know about the condition of the system. Furthermore, the system automatically runs a systems check every four hours to make sure it is properly working. So if a battery is low or a water leak has been averted, the user is able to quickly act. This means peace of mind and optimal protection year after year.

The AKWA* application is automatically programmed when the system is installed to notify the client of any incidents when they are not at home. It’s the only system that centralizes all alerts for the condo association without any modifications needed to the building’s structure. All the condo association needs is a basic Wi-Fi package to connect all the control panels on the same communication channel to notify one or more members of the board and/ or condo association. Our interactive “AKWA Concierge” platform can also be integrated into the system.

That way, we can ensure a return on investment for the installations. And if the tenants move out, no reprogramming is necessary, and the condo association will never lose the ability to monitor leaks in the unit. That means the systems can remain functional over the long run and that condo association administrators can easily intervene if a co-owner is negligent or to help a person coping with a loss of autonomy who is having trouble maintaining their equipment.

Q3: How much does the AKWA* system cost?

Our most popular system is the AKWA* Detection. Depending on the configuration required for your condo association, the price may vary between $1,100 (single point-of-entry for water) and $1,899 + taxes (two points of entry) per condo owner or private unit. That’s why it’s so important to set up an initial visit to the building and meet personally with condo owners.

Q4: What are the financing solutions offered by HydroSolution?

We offer a unique financing option for group installations in condo buildings. Generally, financing terms vary between 12 to 24 months.

Preauthorized withdrawals are used for payment.

Q5: Can the AKWA* system reduce insurance premiums?

Every situation is different, but AKWA* can have a positive impact on your insurance. Speak with your insurer for more information. AKWA* can help you avoid an increase in insurance costs which is a significant advantage. Moreover, you might get a discount on your contents insurance and improvements and betterments coverage. Many condo associations have access to more coverage options when their insurance policies are renewed if they’ve already installed leak detection systems. That means they are in a better position to negotiate their policies.

To find out more about AKWA Technologies, contact HydroSolution and you’ll be able to take advantage of support from an experienced team dedicated to serving you.


* Any reference to the only term “AKWA” means the water leak prevention and detection product “AKWA Technologies”, while any reference to the whole terms “AKWA Concierge” means another product from AKWA Technologies Solutions inc.

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