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Uncover Great Deals When Replacing Your Water Heater

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We keep hearing that the cost of living is rising due to inflation, and everyone is looking to save money these days. Yet, paying a reasonable price for a durable product is vital for co-ownership properties.

Replacing a water heater may seem to be an expensive necessity, but for everyone’s safety, choosing a reliable, functional, and efficient appliance is critical to avoid possible water damage. But there’s so much more to consider!

A few dozen dollars separate two bidders, and you rush to the cheapest option? Are you sure this short-term money-saving strategy is the right one?


1. Warranties

Be sure to look at the warranties for the product you are considering for your co-ownership property. You will find a large difference in range, even from a single manufacturer. The longer the warranty, the better the product! Why would a water heater with an 8-year warranty last 10 years? If the product is high-quality, the manufacturer should be able to offer a warranty that covers the product accordingly.

If you choose a low-end product, you will probably save $30 to $50, but if your co-ownership property has to replace its water heaters after 6, 7 or 8 years, it will cost you.

In addition to that, consider the costs associated with water damage. For board members and managers, the time and energy invested in organizing the preventive replacement of water heaters are well worth the price difference.



Tank-warranty: 10 years
Parts: 8 years
Labour: 1 year

Tank-warranty: 10 years
Parts: 8 years
Labour: 10 years

What’s included?
Drain pan – Installation – Removal of old water heater


2. After-Sales Service

If an appliance you purchased breaks down, consider the cost of a service call. On average, a service call costs $243 before taxes during standard business hours. So imagine how much it would cost on a weekend or a holiday. With HydroSolution, service calls are included with rentals, and you can reach us 24/7. We are celebrating our 65th business anniversary this year, and we have no intention of retiring soon.

3. Billing and Appointment Scheduling

We offer co-ownership properties a turnkey service: HydroSolution takes cares of individual billing and appointment scheduling. A plumbing contractor will send you a global invoice that you will have to redistribute among the co-owners. Who will carry out this task? How much time will you have to invest, and how much will it cost? Will you need to contact the co-owners and follow up to settle everything? Not only do we call each condo owner to schedule their appointment for installation, but we also determine which water heater they prefer, purchase or rental, as well as their payment method. Our team is dedicated to managing these details. Therefore, we can save you a lot of time.

4. Energy Saving

Water heaters with a cold water inlet at the bottom will allow all co-owners to save about $100 in electricity costs*. Better still: do you ever notice your water isn’t as hot during winter when the water entering the tank is between 1.5 and 11 degrees Celsius? With bottom-entry water heaters, the cold water does not mix with your hot water, so there are no periodic variations. You can relax in the shower while still saving money. We enjoy this feature, especially during the cold winter months.

With more than 65 years of experience, HydroSolution is the water heater expert in Québec. Our major accounts team, dedicated to co-ownership properties, will plan site inspections in many of your condo units to avoid unpleasant surprises. Our prices include a top-quality water heater, the installation carried out by CMMTQ-certified experts and a drain pan. Clear conditions to help you manage your expenses and plan your projects!


Save time and money by contacting HydroSolution.

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*Based on the manufacturer’s data

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