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Understanding the water heater: choosing the right product for ultimate comfort

We all know that the key to a healthy condo environment is the safety and well-being of co-owners. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the best products available on the market and that they are installed by professionals. This will help alleviate the risks of physical damage to the building and its residential units. A water heater is the perfect example of a product required to provide hot water – and comfort – at home. However, you need to make sure to maintain it in good working order.

As a co-owner or a professional dealing with coowners, you need to rely on the professionalism and outstanding service of your partners while ensuring peace of mind for residents. HydroSolution can help with its selection of high-end products with advanced components. Discover six reasons why HydroSolution water heaters are efficient and secure.

The 6 main components of HydroSolution electric water heaters

Even though HydroSolution electric water heaters come with a turnkey service, installation by certified professionals, and myriad other advantages, it’s important to understand how these products work to provide optimal comfort.


HydroSolution’s water heater is the only one on the market that offers a double-coated lining. That provides superior protection against the corrosive effects of water and extends the lifespan of the lining.


A storage water heater relies on the principle of thermal stratification. Because hot water is less dense and lighter than cold water, it remains on top while the cold water remains in the bottom of the tank. Standard water heaters have a cold water entry at the top of the tank, thereby disturbing the cold/hot water balance. The cold water entering from the top puts pressure on the bottom and sends the cold water to the top of tank, resulting in a loss of temperature and requiring more energy to keep the water hot. HydroSolution’s water tanks for their part are equipped with a cold water entry which prevents this unbalance and instantly produces 10% more hot water. This means tank owners don’t have to empty the tank every year.


All HydroSolution models are equipped with bolton immersion, low-density elements, made by Giant and approved by the CSA. These elements extend the lifespan of the water heater and are exclusive to Giant. They are designed to be easily replaced and require no special tool to do so.


The magnesium anode protects the water heater against corrosion. HydroSolution water heaters have a superior quality anode allowing excellent protection against water corrosion, thereby extending the life of the tank.


HydroSolution water heaters are equipped with a tamper-resistant brass drain valve for easy drainage.


A thick blanket of eco-friendly GREENFOAM® insulation keeps the water at the right temperature for longer periods of time, thereby reducing heat loss and energy costs. The HydroSolution tank is the only water heater on the market with a doublecoated and double-fired glass lining for improved insulation and superior protection against water corrosion.


The important thing to keep in mind is this: it’s vital for co-owners to understand how the devices we use everyday work. Choosing the right product is the key to ensuring your safety and the safety of your neighbours. In addition to benefiting from a superior product recognized by most insurers in Quebec, our team of dedicated experts are on hand to support you if you need to replace your water heater or assistance with your logbook to help you save time and money. Call HydroSolution to speak with our experts.

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