Water heater

How do I drain the water heater or change the elements?


Thanks to HydroSolution’s rental service, you’ll never have to drain your water heater tank. If the wear on the elements causes a problem with your hot water supply, your water heater will be quickly repaired for free by our team.

Our water heaters are designed with a curved tank and a bottom cold water entry, which allows the water to circulate at the bottom of the tank. HydroSolution water heaters also feature an oversized anode that provides protection against water corrosion. Because the rust will wear away at the anode instead of the inside of the tank, your water heater will last longer. The bolt-on, low-density elements also have an extended lifespan which will prevent you from having to frequently replace parts.

Trust HydroSolution’s rental service team for optimum comfort and priceless peace of mind!

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