Water heater

What do I do if my water heater leaks?


Have you noticed that your water heater is leaking and that your drain pan is slowly filling up? You need to act fast, but don’t worry because the solution is easy!

In the event of a leak, don’t touch your water heater and wait for the HydroSolution technicians to arrive. However, there are a few steps you can take while you wait.

First, locate your electrical panel and flip off the breaker associated with the water heater. This will usually be a double pole breaker and will be labelled “hot water”, “water heater”, or any other term associated with hot water.

To stop the leak in your water heater, you’ll need to shut off the cold water supply.

The cold water valve is usually located above your water heater. If you have two valves, touch the pipes to identify the cold water valve and then shut it off.

If you don’t have any hot water or encounter any other issues, contact us. Our team will be there shortly, depending on the severity of the situation and other ongoing emergencies.

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