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FLO, Leader in Electric Vehicle Charging Networks

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Founded in Québec in 2009 by Louis Tremblay, FLO has become, throughout the years, a leader in charging network operators in North America; in fact, one of the largest charging ecosystems. Its head office and operations center are located in Québec City, and with more than 80,000 charging stations assembled at its Shawinigan and Michigan plants, Flo succeeded in setting itself apart.
To tell us all about it, we spoke with Louis Tremblay, co-founder, president and CEO of the company.

What sparked the idea of starting this business? In 2004, long before electric vehicles (EVs) became what they are today – along with the looming threat of climate change worrying me – I wanted to make a real difference. So, while I was studying electrical engineering at Université Laval, I came up with a project to build a battery-powered car. The moment I realized that switching to an EV would require a reliable and connected charging infrastructure that electric vehicle drivers could rely on, FLO was born.

Can you tell us about FLO’s mission? Sure! With its reliable EV charging network, dependable charging stations, and network management software, FLO accompanies electric vehicle drivers on their commutes. Our mission is clear: we want to tackle climate change by speeding up the transition to EVs by providing the best charging experience, from city centers to the countryside.

What was the goal of this mission? We wanted to deploy a comprehensive charging network available at home, at work and on the road, allowing people to rely on us to charge their EVs, no matter where they were. But in order to make this transition a success and for every new electric vehicle driver to become an ambassador and a force for change, the charging experience had to be reliable, simple and seamless.

How are you convincing people to switch to electric vehicles for transportation? To convince vehicle owners to reduce their fuel consumption, we need to give them a better option. We provide convenient and reliable charging options through our charging solutions and network. FLO offers a smooth transition to vehicles that are more fun to drive as well as easy to charge! It’s simple, it’s seamless, it’s… FLO!

Can you tell us about the time when your dream, your business, started to take shape? In 2009, we had to build everything from scratch! Develop our own charging stations, network management and energy management software, and mobile application. Most importantly, we had to build a team that would use these technologies to operate a charging network and offer the best charging experience possible. All I had left to do was convince others of our mission’s importance so we could pave the way together until we reach our net-zero emission target in 2050 and until everyone drives an EV!

How do you envision the future? Since the company’s creation, we have been developers and operators of vertically integrated EV charging systems. We are passionate about our mission to tackle climate change. From home charging stations to commercial sites to entire fleet conversions, FLO offers one of the most extensive networks in North America — and it’s getting better each year.

Although we’re far from achieving 2050’s goal today, we have gained much ground on this beautiful and long journey! FLO became a North-American leader thanks to everyone who is paving the way with us by inspiring and changing the world… one charging session at a time!

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