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HydroSolution: clients benefit from thorough inspections to ensure their water heater is properly installed!

HydroSolution stands out with an unmatched quality assurance program. Their technicians have received comprehensive training and understand the specific plumbing and electrical requirements of the installation process. Moreover, random inspections aim to detect any potential problems so corrective measures can be applied. This inspection program was launched in 2017 and is carried out in collaboration with building expert consultants. We sat down with Mandy Paulin, Head of Operations at Legault-Dubois, to shed more light on this topic.

What happens during a water heater inspection you perform on behalf of HydroSolution? What do you think the advantages are for HydroSolution customers?

Using a list of clients who have had a water installed in the past six months, we verify myriad aspects of their water heater and its surroundings. For instance, we assess the tank’s waterproofing, the plumbing, the vacuum breaker, the valve, the drain pain, the types of wires connected to the electrical panel, etc.
The goal of these inspections is to make sure the installations comply with plumbing and electrical codes as well as the standards and requirements set by the manufacturer and HydroSolution. Current clients benefit from knowing that their water heater fully complies with these codes and requirements. If any deficiency is detected, they’ll be able to avoid unpleasant surprises. Future clients also greatly benefit from this process because HydroSolution can ensure that any issues are quickly addressed.

How long have you been performing water heater inspections for HydroSolution? What do you think the advantages are for HydroSolution customers?

We began collaborating with HydroSolution in 2017. Just like in any other industry, a lack of a quality control process increases the risks that the installation is not up to par. A quality control program is exactly what HydroSolution implemented! Thanks to this process, and by closely monitoring the work performed by installation technicians, HydroSolution provides consumers with the knowledge that they’ve invested their money in the right product, one they can enjoy for a long time to come.

In your opinion, what is the advantage of doing business with HydroSolution instead of a neighbourhood plumber?

Thanks to HydroSolution’s quality assurance program, installation technicians have received the appropriate training and can therefore take care of any plumbing and electrical work required. Our professionals then perform random inspections to detect problems and make sure these are corrected. Finally, we follow up with the installation technician to ensure the situation does not occur again. To our knowledge, HydroSolution is the only company in Quebec to offer this type of quality assurance program!

What are the advantages of preventive inspections for HydroSolution?

HydroSolution can make sure that the service they provide meets their standards in terms of customer satisfaction. HydroSolution can then improve its water heater installation and manufacturing services.

What is your perception of HydroSolution?

We have an excellent opinion of HydroSolution. Some say we are biased because we work closely with them, but we would argue that this collaboration has allowed us to understand and ascertain the quality and professionalism of their team. Moreover, the fact that HydroSolution mandated us to implement a quality assurance program for their water heaters and installation services demonstrates their commitment to constantly improve and provide the best products and services possible to clients.



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